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  1. Voices of Desolate Planes
    by Sjálfsmorð af Gáleysi
  2. The Flies
    by Lacrymae Rerum
  3. Fringe (Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal)
    by LURK (Finland)
  4. Lone (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by OAK (Portugal)
  5. Self-titled (Death/Doom Metal)
    by ESOGENESI (Italy)
  6. Résignés
    by Ataraxie
  7. Overhead, Without Any Fuss, The Stars Were Going Out
    by Station Dysthymia
  8. Morphine Dead Gardens
    by Raventale
  9. We Are Only Here To Suffer
    by Gospel of Death
    Blackness and Silence Blackness and Silence
    Stylistically hard to place. Some tracks reach their final mutant funeral doom form after a while. It works best when it slows down and uses rare guttural vocals and a dulicmer (of all things). The first track is the weakest bit. The third track is pure synthy/droney ambiance - I'd listen to this on its own merit. Whispered vocals are used too often. The artist obviously has lots of ideas but they need to be refined some more into Ultra dulcimer funeral doom. A promising project for sure.
  10. Alunar
    by Aureole
  11. Dead Men Tell No Tales
    by Monarch
  12. Antelux
    by Mahr
  13. Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here
    by Ishmael
  14. The Blackened Sea
    by Sea Witch
  16. Mth 6:23
    by General Grievous
    1773 1773
    Pummeling, technical, no holds barred experimental metal. Insane vocals. A bit light on the sludge side but who cares. This is gooood.
  17. Body Void / Keeper Split
    by Body Void
    If you can stomach the strained vocal delivery you can not go wrong with Body Void's brand of crushing sludge doom.
  18. Body Void / Keeper Split
    by Keeper
    Trial & Error Trial & Error
    I bought this for the first track which is excellent sludge doom as you'd expect from Keeper. The other track does not work for me because it tries to carry itself with the vocals.
  19. Ejiki
    by Senketsu No Night Club
    Sokubaku To Kiritsu Sokubaku To Kiritsu
  20. Musta seremonia
    by Rippikoulu
    Kadonneet jumalat Kadonneet jumalat
    Doom Death Metal crushing everything in its path. Just in from Finland 1993. Ugha!
  21. Thanatos Beckons
    by Gas Chamber Hibernation
  22. Marking the Day
    by Nomadic Rituals
    From Nothing From Nothing
    Try this band if Sea Bastard is too happy or sabbathy for you. Getting past the end of the first song requires serious effort... argh! Hellish and suffocating.
  23. A Path Through Ashes
    by Gråt Strigoi
    The Fool Who Pleaded for Forgiveness The Fool Who Pleaded for Forgiveness
    Black metal but the doom is strong with this one. It's a far cry from instant gratification blast speed black metal and feels more like a carefully constructed journey. Consistently good. For fans of None and Mizmor.
  24. Demo 2016
    by Bethmoora
    Ousted Ousted
    Sludge with processed vocals - but it's far from "angry owl" like as in "the body". It adds a lot to an already good outfit. I particularily like how the second song keeps slowing down in the first half. My brain is much softer now. Thank you, Bethmoora.
  25. Voidgaze
    by Beyond Black Void
    UDOM has always been a hard sell for me because it's too monotonous and too reliant on keyboards. However, when it comes to SVC's other projects this is an easy album to like! Simplistic drums, spacey synths, trademark heavy guitar sound. Sadly, none of his vocals this time around. Maybe he had a cold. All the more reason to support him. Unless you are some cookie monster vocals objecting weirdo.
  26. Scabrous
    by Sea Bastard
    Metamorphic Possession Metamorphic Possession
  27. Deceases
    by Morbid Evils
    CASE I - Murder CASE I - Murder
    Yet another splendid death doom metal release. No frills, no whispered vocals, no escape, just sluggish heavyness. Imagine the steamroller in Austin Powers: you can see it approaching from a mile away but you can not do anything about it... doooom
  28. Imminent Horror
    by Miscarriage
    Just sick sludge/death doom. Primal and inhuman like early Esoteric.
  29. Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath cover)
    by Primitive Man
    ... because it's Sweet Leaf done by Primitive Man.
  30. The slow dying of the Great Barrier Reef
    by Bismuth
  31. What do you do at the end of the world?
    by General Grievous
    What do you do at the end of the world? What do you do at the end of the world?
    As a hardcore/metalcore/sludge hybrid this works like a charm. It's heavy, technical, catchy, has lots of feeling and tortured vocals and yet still manages to sound organic. Even if you usually stay away from hardcore/metalcore (like myself) give these nerds a try. They deserve suppport.
  32. Dauðra Dura
    by Forndom
  33. Throw Them Into The Blazing Furnace, Where There Will Be Weeping And Gnashing Teeth
    by The Limestone County Chain Gang
    Proper slow death doom. Reminds me of Winter which is always a good thing. Rough around the edges but I'd love to hear more from them.
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  34. Devourers of Light
    Excellent doom death metal. Good riffs, well produced, has a nice driving quality to it. Quite aggressive - leaning toward death metal more than what I'm used to. Highly recommended if you are into Dusk and want more of that sweet heavy chugging riffage. From a doomsters perspective I would go as far as to call this fun.
  35. Roots of Darkness
  36. Gorodische
    by Vedan Kolod
    Shrovetide Shrovetide
    I listened to "Vegan Kobold" a long time ago but could not find them again for reasons. Catchy, melancholic and hypnotic Russian folk music with unusual instruments and mostly female vocals. The jews harp is an acquired taste.
  37. [С]нежное Одиночество
    by Your Schizophrenia
    Winter Requiem Winter Requiem
    I don't like spoken word really, but in this context it works. It's a sum of all parts deal. This is the most musical sounding album from her. When she sings it's a treat. Also helps that Russian is such a nice language. The ambiance is well done. Give it a listen if you like sad, melancholic acoustic music.
  38. sinister history: volume I, chapter II
    by MOSS
    Sounds like the only tape I have that came with my car when I bought it 13 years ago. Instead of Esoteric (... and some Eros Ramazotti at the end I have failed to get rid of) there's only mangled extreme doom! It's excellent. If you want better production get Sub Templum or Tombs instead.
  39. Sub Templum
    by Moss
    Pure filthy sludge. As crunchy as eating cereals without milk. Sad to hear Moss has called its quits. This was one of the greats of the genre. Until recently I always thought that they are too unapproachable but it's just doom reduced to the essentials. Now they haunt me when I can't go back to sleep. :-)
  40. Tombs of the Blind Drugged
    by Moss
    Tombs of the Blind Drugged Tombs of the Blind Drugged
    Uncompromising sludge with anguished vocals.
  41. Underworld of Khorrendus
    Time flies by with this wonderfully paced and heavy funeral doom.
  42. Epoch
    by Urnscent
    Calm, mellow minimalistic funeral doom. A bit of a skepticism feel to it. The songs are rather short and don't overstay their welcome. Nothing extraordinary but does what it sets out to do quite well. Just don't expect full on depression.
  43. Kolodec (Single)
    by Theodor Bastard
    Kolodec (Slavic health spell) Kolodec (Slavic health spell)
    Their best effort so far. Singing and instrumentation is top notch. A whole album of this would be amazing. I love this girls' voice. More singing = more good.
  44. Innerwar
    by Brighter Death Now
    Innerwar Innerwar
  45. The curse of the scarecrow
    by Megaptera