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  1. Fiddle Music [vol. 6]
  2. To All Frequencies I Can Not Sense for Quartet
    by Marta Forsberg
  3. Bring Your Own Pencap
    by Maximum Ernst
  4. Time Delay Safe
    by Maximum Ernst
  5. S/t
    by Maximum Ernst
  6. Live at Legion Hall
    by Maximum Ernst
  7. Hallmark Of A Crisis Period
    by Maximum Ernst
  8. Vocal Studies #9
    by Dave Phillips
  9. Vocal Studies #7
    by Dolmen Dweller
  10. Vocal Studies #8
    by Andrea Pensado
  11. STYX
    by Alex Zhang Hungtai & Pavel Milyakov
  12. Stratégies Obliques Ø
    by Steve Roden/Small Cruel Party
  13. Revolution Blues
    by Jakob Battick & Tongue Depressor
  14. Bathouse
    by Bathouse
  15. Lute Mobilé
    by Hipólito
  16. New Love Music
    by Marta Forsberg
  17. dog whistle
    by dog whistle
  18. não há laranja/ scrying glass eye
    by tim gick
  19. A Garden Dissolves Into Black Silk
    by Lisa Lerkenfeldt
  20. Gedigitaliseerde Cassettes
    by Pierre Elitair