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  2. Electronic
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  1. The Wookie Song / Wasteman
    by Taelimb
    Wasteman Wasteman
  2. inevitable
    by SELA.
    strength strength
  3. Platinum
    by Kassett
    Retiens-Moi (ft. M-O-R-S-E) Retiens-Moi (ft. M-O-R-S-E)
  4. Lo Motion Singles Vol. 1
    by Lo Motion
    Ando - J Walk Ando - J Walk
  5. mémoire/REMIX
    by Raycord
    Mémoire / REMIX , side B Mémoire / REMIX , side B
    Brilliant combination of textures, piano notes and deep sounds. I could feel it immediately while I was playing the tracks, that I was into a special project...and when you read the description and you watch the videos, it is really a special thing. It is like traveling to a different dimension through the music, to a past's just confusing and very overwhelming at the same time.
  6. SVENGALI VOL. 1 (SVG001)
    by VA
    Always Always