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  1. Opus Kink - My Eyes, Brother! 'EP'
    by Opus Kink
  2. Sprints 'Back Catalogue' LP
    by Sprints
  3. Opus Kink - 'Til The Stream Runs Dry - EP Pre Order
    by Opus Kink
  4. Volume One
    by Gossiper
  5. Poster Paints
    by Poster Paints
  6. Green Dream in F#
    by The Bug Club
  7. Launching Moondream One
    by The Bug Club
  8. Pure Particles
    by The Bug Club
  9. Dark Sea
    by Man of Moon
  10. PING007 : Big Thing : Say When / Eye to Eye
    by Big Thing
  11. old names for new shapes
    by wojtek the bear
  12. a talent for being unreasonable
    by wojtek the bear
  13. Live At Home
    by Spare Snare
  14. Chemicals EP
    by Man of Moon
  15. Massive Aggressive
    by Birdhead
  16. Sounds
    by Spare Snare
  17. Victory Lap / The Lowdown of a LOUD Sound - single
    by Book Group
  18. Animals / Tell Her I Love Her - single
    by John Knox Sex Club / Over the Wall
  19. The Littlest Album
    by Various
  20. Rick Redbeard / Adam Stafford - Split single
    by Rick Redbeard / Adam Stafford