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  1. The Waveform Collection
    by Joshua Morse
  2. Fatigue
    by L'Rain
  3. Love Power A-to-Z
    by instupendo
  4. Boys by Girls
    by instupendo
  5. Skitzofrenia Simulation
    by Sewerslvt
  6. A Light in the Dark
    by Karnaboy
    Fear Of The Dark Fear Of The Dark
    by beardy
    beard eats the internet!!! (feat. Shady Monk) beard eats the internet!!! (feat. Shady Monk)
  8. Warp
    by Shirobon
  9. Screw Drivers
    by Monophobe
  10. BLISS
    by Drainpuppet
  11. Universal Catalog
    by PellyColo
  12. Harpsinger
    by sylvir
  13. Like What EP
    by Tennyson
  14. VENNER
    by sakuraburst & leopold
  15. Habibi Funk 006: Modern Music
    by Al Massrieen
  16. Suspect
    by Silent Bomber
  17. Knights
    by Pomrad
  18. Uh Oh!
    by Tennyson
  19. The Real Deal
    by Mitch Murder
  20. Sur La Voie Ensoleillée
    by Malika Tirolien