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  1. Let Me Suffer In Peace
    by Funerelles
    The long awaited release is almost here! I’m Really excited for the cassette. Congratulations, lovely Funerelles! ♥️ You make the world a little more bearable.
  2. Trax! Rarities
    by Ministry
  3. Resonance
    by cEvin Key
    This is going to be a killer record!
  4. Stars of Trash
    by Gitane DeMone
  5. Times
    by Gitane DeMone
  6. With Love and Dementia
    by Gitane DeMone
  7. Dream Home Heartache
    by Rozz Williams & Gitane DeMone
  8. Facets of Blue
    by Gitane DeMone
  9. Am I Wrong?
    by Gitane DeMone
  10. Love for Sale
    by Gitane DeMone
  11. Alien Subspace
    by Edward Ka-Spel & Motion Kapture
  12. The Moon Cracked Over Albion
    by Edward Ka-Spel
  13. 44 Days
    by Download
  14. Five Days…Complete
    by The Legendary Pink Dots
  15. Unknown Room
    by Download
  16. 23 Wounds Of Julius Caesar (reincarnation)
    by Steven Severin
  17. Dreams In Stars
    by The Captives
  18. In The Cobalt Twilight
    by The Captives
  19. Gitane Demone Quartet - Perv
    by Various Artists
  20. Substrata Strip
    by Gitane Demone Quartet