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  1. Parallel Timeline
  2. Jail Socks - Coming Down
    by Counter Intuitive Records
  3. Twin Plagues
    by Wednesday
  4. Death of a Cheerleader
    by Pom Pom Squad
  5. Like a Stone
    by Remember Sports
    Out Loud Out Loud
  6. Sucker Supreme
    by Rosie Tucker
    For Sale: Ford Pinto For Sale: Ford Pinto
  7. Origami Angel - GAMI GANG
    by Counter Intuitive Records
  8. Perfect
  9. All You Admire
    by Equipment
    Coat Tails Coat Tails
  10. Needing You
    by Strange Ranger
  11. Memory Card
    by Field Mouse
  12. now THIS is podracing
    by Mom Jeans.
  13. It's Christmas and I Fucking Miss You
    by Charly Bliss, Pup
  14. You Would Not BELIEVE What Comes Next...
    by Ghost Note
  15. Learn To Crawl
    by Jophus
    by darkspring13
  17. Erotic Nightmare Summer
    by Carpool
    The Salty Song (Erotic Nightmare Summer) The Salty Song (Erotic Nightmare Summer)
  18. Saving for a Custom Van
    by Various Artists
    Pretend to Be Nice Pretend to Be Nice
  19. Madrigal
    by Equipment
    You'll Never Know You'll Never Know
  20. No Beer, No Dad (Redux)
    by blowout
    Cents Cents Money Money Cents Cents Money Money