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  2. Experimental
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  1. Ambient Pieces for Guitar (vol. 2)
    by Ryan David Stevens
  2. 23 Wounds Of Julius Caesar (reincarnation)
    by Steven Severin
  3. Physical Death
    by Physical Wash
  4. For Nothing EP
    by Ulrich Schnauss
  5. Improvisation #2
    by Ulrich Schnauss
  6. Ozora At 3am - Improvisation #3
    by Ulrich Schnauss
  7. Doomed To Live
    by Vio\ator
  8. The MarKing
    by Vio\ator
  9. Her Hands & My Eyes
    by Vio\ator
  10. Our Heaven Of Darkness
    by Vio\ator
  11. Saffron Sacrament & Quicksilver Communion
    by Vermani Shah
  12. Haqq
    by City of Djinn
  13. Parallax by Jack Eley
    by Jack Eley
  14. Music For Higher Dimensional Consciousness
    by Twig Harper
  15. City of Djinn
    by City of Djinn
  16. Mike Shiflet / Mykel Boyd
    by Mike Shifler / Mykel Boyd
  17. The Anti Group, Matar and Mykel Boyd
    by The Anti Group, Matar and Mykel Boyd
  18. Pale Horses
    by Swim Ignorant Fire
  19. 1
    by 33blackLP
  20. ether and red sulphur
    by City of Djinn
  21. Beings of ImberIndus
    by Drekka
  22. Blessed Diviner by Vermani Shah
    by Vermani Shah
  23. A Meeting in the Future
    by Rapoon + Mykel Boyd
  24. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost / Mykel Boyd
    by Painting Petals on Planet Ghost / Mykel Boyd
  25. The Black Sea pt 1
    by Havre De Grace
  26. fever dream two
    by Mykel Boyd
  27. "transmutations"
    by Brume / Bokeh
  28. White Sands
    by Mykel Boyd
  29. fever dream one
    by Mykel Boyd
  30. Wildnisgeist
  31. Submerging the Sun
    by Some Ember
  32. Ornamenti d'Oro: Mater Tenebrarum
    by Ornamenti D'Oro
  33. Mirror of Silver (Cassette Single)
    by Golden Gardens