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  1. Helluland
    by Northumbria
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    Because I am Flawed I Forgive You Because I am Flawed I Forgive You
    One of the best ambient albums ever recorded. The opening track alone is worth the price of admission.
  2. Nerd Rants: Series 1
    by A Dose of Buckley
  3. Things Famous Dead People Said...
    by A Dose of Buckley
    John F. Kennedy - Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You... John F. Kennedy - Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You...
  4. Station
    by Station
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    Are You Sleeping Alone Are You Sleeping Alone
    If a modern rock band timewarped back to 1985 and recorded an album based on the pop sound of that day, this is what it would sound like. Station's hard-rocking style draws immediate comparisons to Van Halen and Boston - it honestly sounds like Sammy Hagar and Tom Scholz decided to team up and rock their brains out, and it's every bit as wonderful as that sounds. If classic rock is your thing, you should absolutely add this album to your collection.
  5. Library Sessions (2015 EP)
    by Archabald
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    Love Song For A Lonely World (Library Session) Love Song For A Lonely World (Library Session)
    Library Sessions sounds like the product of a percussion therapy session, filled with clashing cymbals, blaring strings, and the tortured ranting of a man whose life is in crisis. The band is at its best when it's at its most emotional, and there's no lack of feeling to be found here.
  6. I
    by Plini / Sithu Aye
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    Solstice Solstice
    Like a much harder, metal-tinged iteration of "Sweet Nothings," this collaborative EP shows off the formidable talents of both contributing artists. Plini is in top form, delivering some of his sharpest guitar sessions yet, and Sithu Aye proves himself a worthy match.
  7. Sweet Nothings
    by Plini
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    Opening Opening
    Fast paced and expertly composed, the only complaint that can be had with this EP is that it's over too soon. "Opening" and "Sweet Nothings" are the highlights thanks to some riveting guitar riffs.
  8. Needs
    by Giraffage
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    Feels Feels
    Fusing hip-hop beats with an indietronica sensibility, Giraffage has crafted an album that will get inside your head before you even know it. It's not for everyone, but those who can appreciate it are in for a treat.
  9. Altered Dimensions
    by Alphaxone
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    Aftermath Aftermath
    If someone placed a microphone in the middle of a bombed-out alien ship, this is likely what it would pick up. Altered Dimensions is the kind of album that is easy to lose yourself in - it's bone-chilling, otherworldly atmosphere is enticing in the same way as a great horror movie. As far as drone music goes, Altered Dimensions feels more structured than most, which makes it both more immediately memorable and more accessible for newcomers to the genre.
  10. EP II
    by Power Glove
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    Punker Punker
    If you're expecting this EP to be like Power Glove's Hotline Miami contributions, you may be disappointed. The tracks here are much more slow-paced and downtempo, with elements of trap and hip-hop showing through at times. They're excellent for what they are, but they're not for everyone.
  11. Intermetropolitan
    by DJ Phixion
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    Inhalation Inhalation
    Absolutely sublime smooth jazz album with hints of '90s-era new jack swing. Catchy sax and bass riffs create a chill atmosphere, and the best tracks simply beg to be put on repeat.
  12. Awake
    by Tycho
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    See See
    When it comes to smooth, thoughtful electronica, few do it better than Tycho. Every aspect of Awake speaks to a focused artistic vision, from the minimalist cover art to the strumming, guitar-like synth hooks that form the album's motif. Much like climbing a mountain, Awake opens with the promise of an exciting journey, reaches a triumphant climax, and winds back down with a quiet note of finality. With all of its soothing lows and inspiring highs, this album deserves a place in your collection.
    by Eco Virtual
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    ストーンヘンジで大麻喫煙 ストーンヘンジで大麻喫煙
    Absolutely stellar album that perfectly encapsulates the essence of vaporwave. ECO VIRTUAL is truly a master of his craft.
    by Eco Virtual
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    Fiji Waterfalls Fiji Waterfalls
    Another solid album from ECO VIRTUAL. Closer to pure electronica than its jazzy predecessor.
    by Eco Virtual
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    Bermuda High Bermuda High
    A brief, lovely volume of soothing soundscapes that makes a perfect playlist for some quality relaxation.
  16. Los Angeles EP
    by FM-84
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    Outatime Outatime
    Absolutely wonderful synthpop EP that puts me in a good mood every time I listen. The compositions are impeccable, with layers of synths that mesh together like a set of cogs. Comparisons to Plini and Tycho seem apt.
  17. Neo Cali
    by Vektroid
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    Neo Cali Neo Cali
    A solid collection of punchy, lighthearted retro electronica.
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    リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー
    From the twisted, disorientating first track to the abrupt finale, Floral Shoppe plays out like nothing you've ever heard before. Samples from old, forgotten muzak artists are slowed down, distorted, and layered beneath crashing electronic drums and synths, creating an effect not unlike Com Truise having a mental breakdown. For fans of electronica looking for something entirely unique, this one is a treat.
  19. Collider EP
    by Sung
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    Paris Gotham Paris Gotham
    A worthy follow-up to Overizer. The sound is moody and oppressive, evoking the sinister atmosphere of an unfeeling metropolis. While it never reaches the same exhilarating heights, Collider provides more of the same darkly futuristic synthwave that made its predecessor such a standout.
  20. Overizer EP
    by Sung
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    Overizer Overizer
    SUNG is one of the best artists in the synthwave genre, and his first EP is a joy to listen to. Dark, adventurous, and fueled by adrenaline, Overizer starts out strong and keeps the pace up across five tracks that are sure to become mainstays in any synth fan's collection.
  21. Former Employees
    by Former Employees
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    Operator-1 Operator-1
    Leisurely, atmospheric house music that chronicles a businessman's journey up the corporate ladder. Really deserves more attention.
  22. Hit Vibes
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    Cherry Pepsi Cherry Pepsi
    A deliciously funky retro throwback that combines the heavy disco sound of the '70s with modern electronica sensibilities. This is Saint Pepsi's most popular album, and for a good reason.
  23. Days of Thunder
    by The Midnight
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    Gloria Gloria
    Slick, polished electronica with roots in '80s synthpop. Fans of Phil Collins-era Genesis and Don Henley will find plenty to love here - the synth hook in "Gloria" even sounds similar to "The Boys of Summer."
  24. Monstercat 016 - Expedition
    by Monstercat
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    Monstercat is one of the best things to ever happen to the indie electronica scene. They have a knack for seeking out the best of the bunch, from dubstep to techno and even drum 'n bass. Expedition is an excellent collection of tracks, and features several of the best songs in their whole history.