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  1. Best Before 1998
    by Desired
    by REDALiCE vs USAO
    This is from the ARCAEA collaboration, and i couldn't get enough of this song,
  3. Agartha
    by xi
    Valhalla Valhalla
    xi, makes great jcore, and is very well known for their track HALCYON. if you love jcore, this is a must have
  4. Parousia
    by xi
    Halcyon Halcyon
    oh my godddd where do i even begin? best jcore out their! if your thinking about buying, you def should
    by SNCKPCK
    I Know Now I Know Now
    great lyrics, amazing composure, bedroom aesthetic, what more could I ask for?
  6. Gifts
    by Baseball Gregg
    Blurred Blurred
    Another great album buy these dudes, its the type of alternative indie Ive been looking for, and they nailed it!
  7. Calendar
    by Baseball Gregg
    The Breeze (feat. Zelma Stone) The Breeze (feat. Zelma Stone)
    Great Compilation album! cant wait for all the tracks! id have to say young is my favorite as of now but we will see!

    edit: everything is great! ded reccomend this.
  8. Honeymoon
    by Beach Bunny
    Promises Promises
    lili is like omg, her music is so catchy! I love it!
  9. the masquerade
    by mxmtoon
    seasonal depression seasonal depression
    the god of indie herself, mxmtoon! I love every song, and was introduced to this wonderful artist with prom dress. my favorite would have to be seasonal depression
    by ALEX
    surging chaos has to be one of my favorites, such good atmosphere, I love all of these mixes!
  11. ぽっつん / Pottsun
    by muship
    パルサー パルサー
    allot of music on this album I can relate too on a personal level, especially PULSAR. it's the exact kind of music I like and would highly recommend it