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  1. Ulysses Dies At Dawn
    by The Mechanisms
    Sirens Sirens
    I’ve recommended this cd to many of my friends. There’s a good range of different songs and the story is engaging and tragic. Excellent for any fans of Greek mythology and steampunk.
  2. The Bifrost Incident
    by The Mechanisms
    Losing Track Losing Track
    Every time we get in the car for more than an hour my husband wants to put this cd on. I love it almost as much myself. Energetic and catchy from the get go but in the middle... ooh. You have to listen to find out.
  3. All Hail (Live)
    by Welcome to Night Vale
    Definitely my favourite of all the live shows I’ve listened to, so far. Entertaining and it surprised me in many ways; I’d definitely listen again.
  4. Ghost Stories (Live)
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  5. "The Investigators" Live
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  6. "The Librarian" - Live at Skirball
    by Welcome to Night Vale
    Sample Clip - Horoscopes Sample Clip - Horoscopes
    By far the creepiest of the Night Vale live shows in a.... good way? Good way. I didn't need to sleep tonight...
  7. "The Debate" - Live at Roulette
    by Welcome to Night Vale
    Sample Clip - Faceless Old Woman Sample Clip - Faceless Old Woman
    My favourite of the live shows (so far!). An incredibly funny piece with a great twist at the end and some surprise characters. Excellent 'weather'.
  8. "Condos" - Live at The Bell House
    by Welcome to Night Vale
    Sample Clip - Community Calendar Sample Clip - Community Calendar
    A very eerie and yet oddly romantic show. Definitely worth the long wait to pick up.
  9. Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale Live in San Diego
    by The Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale
    My favourite Thrilling Adventure Hour characters paired with Welcome to Night Vale? Perfect. And time travel is always a bonus!
  10. Fire Never Consuming : Music from Alice Isn't Dead
    by Disparition
  11. FAITE
    by Disparition
  12. Notes From A Quarter-Life Crisis
    by Kevin P. Gilday
    Date w/ Ikea Date w/ Ikea
    I saw this show live in Stirling a couple of years ago, cradling a bottle of kopparberg and a sandwich. Excellent, thought-provoking work, and I'm glad to be able to listen again.

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