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  1. Occult 89
    by Occams Laser
    by VHS Glitch
  3. Circuitry Of Doom (Single)
  4. The Priests Of Hiroshima (DATA081)
    by Wojciech Golczewski
  5. "Without Light" EP
    by Into The Pale Abyss
  6. Gutter Cruiser
    by HUBRID
  8. Ghosts of the Past: A VGM Tribute Album
    by Gregorio Franco
  9. Stygian Baptism
    by VVOV
  10. Legion Remixes
  11. Undead (EP)
    by Gör FLsh
  12. Thrall's Lament
    by Rúnar
  13. Gun Hag (Single)
    by Mega Drive
  14. Beasts
    by Electric Dragon
    Great White Great White
    ED takes his craft to the next level with Beasts. Served with an extra dose of brutishness to tip the balance in favor of more of a bone-crushing than a bone-chilling effect, though both are present.

    Unrivaled usage of sampling. Amazing experimental instrumentals that feel natural, pushing the limits of the genre as a whole.

    A must-have for any darksynth aficionado. Beasts sets the bar real high. Top 2019 picks? Easily. Rips heads clean off.

    Beasts II, when? Including a self-titled track!
  15. Katana ZERO (Irving Force Remix)
    by LudoWic
  16. Corporate Killer
  17. Agonizing Love
    by Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks
  18. Femmes de L'Obscurité
    Hereditary (ft. Into The Pale Abyss) Hereditary (ft. Into The Pale Abyss)
    Some of the darkest and heaviest electronic music you will ever hear. What genre this belongs to? "Hellectronic" comes to mind. Put this on if you've ever considered yourself to be a fan of heavy music, regardless of type. The guys of Into The Pale Abyss did an amazing job on Hereditary too, and it has to be one of the absolute heaviest, and most deliciously distorted electronic tracks I've ever heard.
  19. Return to Synth City
    by NightStop
  20. Undercover EP
  21. Criminal Intent
    You leave dock on a decked-out powerboat and start to fire off into the feeble dawn. The water around you poisoned. Its reek, a vile concentration of human waste, makes its way into your nostrils. You inhale deeply, right before planting a fat, high-quality Cuban cigar in the corner of your mouth. You smirk. Your asshole boat shreds through the back of a surfacing great white. An explosion transforms the criminal boathouse behind you into a blazing inferno. A job well done.
  22. The Legacy Collection, Vol I
    by Dynatron
  23. Shadow Clone
    by FacexHugger
  24. Slipstream
    by Jordan F
  25. Zentrum
    by Valborg
  26. Inhuman Nature
    by Those Poor Bastards
    Vengeance Trail Vengeance Trail
  27. Syntheosis
    by Waste of Space Orchestra
  28. The Legacy Collection, Vol II
    by Dynatron
    Dust of the Saturn Dust of the Saturn
    Some of Dynatron's finest tracks gathered on one amazing album. His space-oriented synth music is truly one of a kind.
  29. Apocalypse Prime
    by Gregorio Franco
    Eternal Nightmare Eternal Nightmare
    This is what happens when synth fuses with death metal of equally high quality in the void of space.

    Apocalypse Prime is a unique piece of invigorating aural violence and a landmark for the genre.

    Eternal Nightmare is the heaviest darksynth track created thus far and I must've listened to this track around half a thousand times by now. Though a lot of the tracks here have high replay value, making the album one of the best of 2018.
  30. Spillingardans
    by Hatari
    Finally! Now I don't have to listen to live recordings of this track on YT anymore.

    You could shoehorn this into the genre of electro-industrial, but I don't think that would be fair. Hatari is in a league of its own; this is music that transcends genres. I say that as someone who doesn't actually like electro-industrial. The amazing vocals, music and attitude as a whole are atypical for such a genre.

    Spillingardans is Hatari at its absolute best and will appear in my list of top 2019 tracks.
  31. Grim Weepers
    by Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks
    Changed Changed
  32. Endstrand
    by Valborg
    Plasmabrand Plasmabrand
    Valborg once again shows us what music sounds like when it's uncompromising and genuine; qualities that are hard to find, and not just in music. Endstrand is anger more determined than ever before, but what makes it work is that the approach is always honest. Whether it’s the more gloomy and melancholic Romantik, or the total obliteration of Endstrand.

    The album ends perfectly with the rabid beast that is Exodus; a frothing-at-the-mouth, ballistic masterpiece.
  33. "Godmode" LP
    Extremely well-built-up and varied tracks with epic climaxes. As well as tracks packed with sounds ranging from disgustingly fun to completely badass and back. Violence Suppressor is one of the prime examples of that. Wasteland ends the album with its spaghetti-western inspired sounds, in parts being reminiscent of Metallica's The Unforgiven, including vocals à la James Hetfield.

    Godmode is a testament as to why darksynth is the most innovative genre in music right now.
  34. "For The Kvlt" LP
    by Gör FLsh
    For The Kvlt For The Kvlt
    Most of us have probably drawn comparisons to metal when it comes to the genre of darksynth, but Gör FLsh is one of the very few who can be directly compared to a specific sub-genre of metal. In this case the direction of (extreme) doom.

    His unique, heavily-distorted doomy, metallic darksynth takes the genre forward and, as such, is definitely worthy of a spot on my list of top 2018 albums.

    Terror Bites (Feat. Neoslave) Terror Bites (Feat. Neoslave)
    Microchip Terror’s full-length debut is in…sane! The album continues on from the gruesomely awesome sound of the first EP. From sinister, cinematic soundscapes to grandiosely fun, industrial, punch-in-the-face synth aggression. In Manufactured Existence, both of these qualities blend perfectly to form one of the most powerful tracks on this amazing album. Experiment: 100% success. The Doctor solidifies his spot at the very top of the darksynth scene.
  36. Necrosphere
    by Those Poor Bastards
    Muchos Muertos Muchos Muertos
  37. Mayhem in Blue
    by Hail Spirit Noir
    Further expanding on their sound, Mayhem in Blue might be their most consistent release yet. I say that while regarding the previous albums to be some of the best and most memorable stuff I've ever heard. Seamlessly blending psych/prog rock and black metal elements. A perfect aural elixir of fun, evil, mayhem and wholesome satanic values. Reveling in chaos, this is the best that metal had to offer in 2016.
  38. "Violence Suppressor"
    Violence Suppressor Violence Suppressor
    This is probably some of the cockiest music I’ve ever heard. And I mean that in the absolute best of ways. The music has this air of aggressive superiority mixed with unbridled fun. Violence Suppressor is one of the best tracks of 2018 and the remixes here are absolutely killer. This will change your diaper for you, whether you want it to or not, you pansy. Pure badassery.
  39. Dark Water
    by Electric Dragon
    Karasuman Karasuman
    With Dark Water, Electric Dragon is now 2 for 2 when it comes to albums worthy of best-of-2018 lists.

    Masterfully-crafted atmospheric aquatic-horror-fantasy themes blend with aggressive, grinding and energizing darksynth beats to form some of the most memorable tunes of 2018 in tracks like The Maiden and Karasuman.

  40. Communion
    by Electric Dragon
    Defilement Defilement
    Communion is one of the best darksynth albums of 2018. Its crown being the unique track that is Defilement, with its sickly yet seductive melodies. The vocal samples, of a fanatical radio host attempting to contribute to the spread of satanic panic, though by themselves obnoxiously self-righteous, seamlessly blend and contrast with the music and as such provide extra ground for a subtle sardonic quality in the music; a quality in darksynth which separates the good from those on a higher plane.
    by Gregorio Franco
    Gregorio Franco creates some of the, if not THE, hardest-hitting darksynth out there. Been looking for stuff that sounds evil and mean similarly to Perturbator's remix of GosT's "Behemoth"? You've come to the right place. The Void obliterates.
  42. Neysluvara EP
    by Hatari
    X X
  43. Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes (Luxus)
    by A Forest Of Stars
    Tombward Bound Tombward Bound
  44. Dancing Killer
    by NightStop
    Flesh Flesh
    Flesh is probably one of the most amazing tracks I've ever heard, and not just in the genre of synthwave. It's one of those tracks that I'll come back to time and time again. Also probably my top pick for best use of saxophone ever. Emotional and well-matured, Flesh has made me experience frisson many times.
  45. Annihilator
    by Gloom Influx
    Annihilator (GÖR FLSH Remix) Annihilator (GÖR FLSH Remix)
    A fantastic example of why remixes within the darksynth scene are always worth looking out for. Remix EPs like this one help keep the scene alive and breathe new fire into it. The artists here, each having vastly different and recognizable styles, really made Annihilator their own.

    Gör FLsh's is my favorite: initially teasing with the 80s VHS workout sound to only later crush your skull and leave your brain smeared over the floor, just when you started to think it couldn't get any heavier.