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  1. Heavy Dance
    by Donna Khalifé Quintet
    Heavy Dance Heavy Dance
    it has the vibe and feel of many other fantastic jazzfusion albums i listen to since the seventies , and this album is more than welcome today
  2. La Nuit Des Perséides
    by Biche
    Fugue Fugue
    love it 4 the nice retro styles with a sound of their own and the lyrics of Astrud are Great ! ( others 2 )
  3. Kshatrya - The Eye of the Bird
    by Igor Wakhévitch
    The Golden Night Part 1 The Golden Night Part 1
    Igor`s music is a must in a persons aural landscape and innerworld
  4. Frente Cumbiero meets Mad Professor
    by Frente Cumbiero
    Cumbia is Cosmic
  5. A Pasha's Abstinence
    by Sebastian Spanache Trio
    Park Park
    Feels at home on first hearing
    by Dub Garden
    Timeless universal feeling
    the yin and yang in equilibrium
  7. Happiness Is The Problem
    by Jason Cady
    This really makes me Happy .....just like Henry Cow or Slap Happy...and 200 motels from Frank Zappa
  8. A Great Many
    by Aaron Siegel
    Every Musician in this genre uses the same language , but describes another Landscape ................
  9. Poison Fruit
    by Ivan 'Mamão' Conti
    It is a certain feeling you get when listening to Brazilian music .....
    Or like Antonio Carlos Jobim used to say " it was writing music or going mad "
  10. Terry Riley's In C: 53 Rooms for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company
    by Salt Lake Electric Ensemble
    it is allways about exploring this piece in many different it of mind or ...dimensions in listening
  11. You Never Were Much Of A Dancer
    by Gwenifer Raymond
  12. Muriel
    by Sean Khan
  13. The Messthetics
    by The Messthetics
  14. Phase
    by Mildlife
    The Gloves Don't Bite The Gloves Don't Bite
    it is so lovely to walk in this soundscape and meet the interaction between the musicians
  15. Cleo
    by Charlotte Dos Santos
  16. Wolf & Wheel
    by La Féline
  17. Lilacs & Champagne
    by Lilacs & Champagne
  18. Le Grand électrificateur des âmes
    by Matteo Fiorini
    L'albero. L'occhio. L'albero. L'occhio.
    the guitar tells a story ....i long to hear over and over again .....
  19. Bantu Rejex (a half century album)
    by Lesego Rampolokeng & the Kalahari Surfers
    Blue V's Blue V's
    The Rhythm Of The Poetry......
    The Poetry Of The Rhythm
  20. Live at Berklee (feat. Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra)
    by Kaki King
    Cerebral Emotion
  21. Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind EP
    by The Janitors
    Here They Come Here They Come
    Sharp Poetry and the old Hawkwind Vibe
  22. Freehand
    by Richard Osborn
  23. Blind Cinema
    by Blind Cinema
    Objetos ennegrecidos Objetos ennegrecidos
    Cinema for the mind
  24. La Nébuleuse de Sienne
    by Biche
    A very rich and trippy sound ,go on with it guys , i'll hear more
  25. EB=MC²
    by Michael Chapman & Ehud Banai
    Birdman Birdman
    Source of Joy and Inspiration
  26. One With The Universe
    by Samsara Blues Experiment
    One With The Universe One With The Universe
    It takes me away and brings me there where Duende origins
  27. Talinka (HD)
    by Talinka
  28. Boardwalk
    by Doctor Flake
  29. Signal 9
    by Miriodor
    imagination in soundsculptures
  30. Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams
    by Cameron Avery
    its all about feeling a certain state of mind i guess i recognize some of it
  31. Cold Christmas Special
    by Raoul Vignal & Viktor's Joy
  32. III
    by Raoul Vignal
  33. The Silver Veil
    by Raoul Vignal
  34. View From A Little Cave
    by Ayumi Ishito
  35. Melanfonie
    by EMIKA
  36. Trance/Mission
    by simakDialog
  37. Patahan
    by simakDialog
  38. Demi Masa
    by simakDialog
  39. The 6th Story
    by simakDialog
  40. Live at Orion (2CD)
    by simakDialog
  41. Repertoire
    by Esther Steenbergen Trio
  42. Encore
    by Arthur Verocai
  43. Ten Shades Of Light (Free Download)
    by Mark Wingfield
  44. Montevideo Jazz Dreams
    by Beledo
  45. On A Mission
    by The Avengers