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  1. Carnival Of Peculiarities EP
    by Shpongle
    Carnival Of Peculiarities Carnival Of Peculiarities
    Carnival of Peculiarities is pretty nice and Dr. Vinkelstein is an interesting listen too.
    I do wish the tracks only kissed 0db rather than slam into it... I listen stuff through a bigass sound system and source choking up at 0db is not nice.
  2. Codex VI
    by Shpongle
  3. No Straight Roads (Original Soundtrack)
    by James Landino, Funk Fiction, Falk Au Yeong, Andy Tunstall
    vs. 1010 vs. 1010
    Lots of wonderful tracks, with great variety. I only wish there was a version available where mix level is lower and compression knob is at zero, a lot of tracks outright distort as they are slamming into the 0db...
  4. In Your World (Single)
    by Dolls of the Sky
  5. Spaceventure
    by Everdune
  6. Eleven (Single)
    by Mike Trace
  7. Run Away (Single)
    by David Mansfield
  8. Stay (Single)
    by Juno Cleo Zero
  9. Magic (Single)
    by Mike Trace
    Magic (Instrumental Mix) Magic (Instrumental Mix)
  10. Spotlight (Single)
    by Francisco
    Spotlight (Instrumental Mix) Spotlight (Instrumental Mix)
  11. Whose Eyes? (Single)
    by Daneka Gold
    Whose Eyes? (Instrumental Mix) Whose Eyes? (Instrumental Mix)
    Beautiful track <3
  12. Agoli 5 Oasis
    by Leila "Woofle" Wilson
    Race Race
    Woofle never disappoints, this stuff is wonderful on all imaginable levels :D
  13. Lost in a Dream (Single)
    by David Mansfield
    Lost in a Dream (Instrumental Mix) Lost in a Dream (Instrumental Mix)
  14. One More Time (Single)
    by Milo
    One More Time (Instrumental) One More Time (Instrumental)
  15. Heart in Action (Single)
    by David Mansfield
    Heart in Action (Instrumental Mix) Heart in Action (Instrumental Mix)
  16. Parallax
    by Josef Kenny
    Boneyard Boneyard
  17. Theatre of Nature
    by Josef Kenny
  18. S3Alternate
    by Leila "Woofle" Wilson
    LBZ Act 1 - Version A LBZ Act 1 - Version A
  19. Chasing Shadows (Single)
    by Daneka Gold
    Chasing Shadows (Full Vox Mix) Chasing Shadows (Full Vox Mix)
    I wish this was on a 12" 45rpm, such a magnificent track, beautiful sounds and voice and absolutely nailed what it was going for <3
  20. Planet Aloha - Complete
    by Leila "Woofle" Wilson
    Open Desert Open Desert
    Wonderful compilation, with lot of variety and awesome melodies and soundscapes ~