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  1. Screensaver
    by Nocti
    White Dragon White Dragon
    Like digital kaiju marching across your desktop to protect your equipment from image burn-in while you absentmindedly stare and daydream, Nocti's songs invite you to let your mind wander into a bright, colorful dimension that's both soothing and full of adventure.
  2. Star-crossed
    by Nocti
    Serenity Serenity
    Life as a full-fledged dinosaur clearly suits Nocti, because this album shines even brighter than Screensaver. "Sugar-coated Asteroids" is a dance monster, but "Serenity," in all its mellow opulence, steals the show right right before the album ends.
  3. Moonlight Fantasy
    by Vincent Floyd
    Illusions Illusions
    Vintage house instrumentals with a dreamy, smooth, cosmopolitan feel so effective at creating a sense of moving through phantasmagorical, electric nighttime cityscapes I could almost swear I'd heard them before in some PS1-era 3D cyberpunk adventure. It's easy to lose yourself.
  4. Cosmic Oceans
    by Ed Isar
    OG Log - 96.6 BPM OG Log - 96.6 BPM
    It's happening again. These trance gems take me to limitless and terrifying higher planes to consort with godlike alien entities beyond our conceptions of good and evil. I'll be here a long time, and when I come back, I don't know what I'll be. See you again in 25 years!
  5. Forgotten Sorcery, Vol I: Under Moonlit Waves
    by Acrylic Wind
    Under Moonlit Waves Under Moonlit Waves
    You've never seen this coastline before, and yet somehow it feels like home, as though you were about to remember a life you lived aeons ago, when the stones scattered on the shore were still a great city and in the castle you broke a seal that saved many but at great cost.
  6. Forgotten Sorcery, Vol II: By the Sacred Way
    by Acrylic Wind
    Kristallreaper Kristallreaper
    The transparent shades of the dead lead you deep into their ruined land at last into the halls that hold their vast treasure, untouched in eons. And only then do you realize the moonlight is passing through your own skin to the glittering jewels lying before you on lifeless stone.
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  7. In the Serpent's Star Bed
    by Acrylic Wind
    The Grand Summoning The Grand Summoning
    The witch's spirit awaits a new body, and as you approach the tower summit, you understand you may never see your friends again. When you look out the window, toward home, the night sky is filled with strange constellations. You are already in another world.
  8. In the Serpent's Star Bed, Vol II
    by Acrylic Wind
    Druid's Beckoning Druid's Beckoning
    Your journey has only just begun. You must find a way to break the spell permeating this strange, new world before it transforms you, body and soul, and you no longer care about, or can even remember, the quest that brought you here or the people you set out to save.
  9. Sojourn
    by Acrylic Wind
    Beyond the Fence Beyond the Fence
    In an eternal twilight, the parallel world of the sleeper holds its breath, lest it give away its secret. This album too maintains a dreamy delicacy through which the listener seems just on the verge of discovery and also about to fall through the membrane and finally wake up.
  10. The Swaying One
    by Acrylic Wind
    The Mound The Mound
    No one has lived in the ancient, underground kingdom for centuries, but the empty rooms remember, guiding the explorer to the depths, where, in the stale air, the scent of something terrible still lingers. Acrylic Wind brings arcane knowledge back to the surface.
  11. Mesak - Modern Stalking
    by mesak
    B2. katutaso B2. katutaso
    Of course, the cover art is what first caught my eye, but how could I say no to this EP of warm, feel-good electro with an introspective turn that puts me in the mood to dance alone in my apartment, dressed in nothing but patterned boxer shorts and lost in my own imagination.
  12. Pan That Shit Out (MANA#1)
    by Jascha Hagen
    Afternoon Of A Faun Afternoon Of A Faun
    A slow-moving and sensuous trek into the wild lands of house music, climaxing in the steamy "Afternoon of a Faun" with its echoing jungles calls and warm, golden washes of synth. Ain't nobody gonna make a monkey out of me. I've already got that covered, thank you very much.
  13. Cracked Castle
    by Ranseur
    On Dangerous Paths On Dangerous Paths
  14. Frozen Valley
    by Ranseur
    Summit Summit
  15. Gnome Songs for Ritual Cleansing
    by Ranseur
    Hall of the Mountain Gnome Hall of the Mountain Gnome
  16. Goblin Music
    by Ranseur
    Goblin Bonfire Goblin Bonfire
  17. Hobgoblin Overlord
    by Ranseur
    The Meat Pie War The Meat Pie War
  18. Obsidian Throne
    by Ranseur
    Yara's Horde Yara's Horde
  19. Sage in the Tall Hills
    by Ranseur
    Orpheus Orpheus
  20. Subterranean City
    by Ranseur
    Subterranean City Subterranean City