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  1. Secret of scales and talons
    by Pauldron
  2. Hyper Destiny LP
    by Crew:1
    Witness From The Last Resistance Witness From The Last Resistance
    The future is now. Unfortunately. But while listening to music can’t smash the doomsday machine of corporate greed and save us from lifetimes of social engineering, this album is a playful reminder to keep your eyes open and stare back into the electronic eyes watching you.
  3. NCM002: SPLINT
    by V/A
    Yokel - Sporgasm Yokel - Sporgasm
    Kicks off with Deep Nalstrom's eerie techno groove, then makes a series of sharp turns into one weird genre-defying jam after another. The Yokel track, which sounds sort of like classic breakdance meets Kuniaki Haishima's soundtrack to Kowloon's Gate, is simply glorious.
  4. VA - Music For Freedom: A Fundraiser For Ukraine
    by Music From Memory
    Salve Salve
    Nations and individuals alike too often build themselves up by means of destruction, but these 17 artists come together and daydream new and wonderful worlds that defy invasion and welcome listeners into their refuge. At the end of the day, imagination and art are invincible.
  5. Soniscope
    by Midori Hirano
    Void Void
    An album of nocturnal reverie and wandering, with such fondness for its own melancholy that it borders on the sentimental. And precisely this sense of risk, of circling around something desirable but always just out of reach, is what makes the album so satisfying to get lost in.
  6. Melanholy / Landscape After Surgery
    by JURMU / VÁLY
    Melanholy Melanholy
    Music for when you're shut inside yourself and life passes by like the hard, gray sky outside a train window. When other people are dim, faintly flickering images on the platform. And the crisscrossing streets and utility wires are hieroglyphs you try to interpret.
  7. Duvet
    by Izakaya Funes
    The walled city The walled city
    Perfect for those days when you're a magical girl detective unraveling a mystery in the shadowy depths of Kowloon and everything makes you doubt what you thought you knew. A little bit Kenji Kawai. A little bit Erik Satie. Short, but lovely. I've hit repeat about a thousand times.
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  8. A Castle Starved
    by Siegecraft
    Secrets, Subterfuge Secrets, Subterfuge
    Against the high stone citadel, the invaders' most potent weapons are persistence and time. There's no magnificent flash of swords on the battlefield, no valorous bloodshed to recount in stories, only waiting. At the bitter end, even those outside the citadel will be old and worn.
  9. Noble Infantry
    by Siegecraft
    Ride for Glory Toward the Homeland Ride for Glory Toward the Homeland
    Victory may be assured for your army, whose strategies of war are brilliant and cruel, but your unease only deepens as the walls of the stronghold give way. No structure is impregnable, and no kingdom is completely safe. A shadow of doom covers all lands in an age of greed.
  10. Realm of the Dark
    by Halberd
    The Campfire The Campfire
    On this solitary, Shadowgate-ish journey into a forgotten ruin, you’ll meet nothing but hardship and hostile creatures and wonder if adventure and treasure are really worth dying alone in the dark. But still you don't turn back. Destiny awaits you in the inner sanctum.
  11. Misc Works (2020-2021)
    by Emmett Eon
    2020_01_29 (SC88 Pro) 2020_01_29 (SC88 Pro)
    A musical sketchbook where every track is the nascent form of a full-fledged song that could have been but never was. The spontaneous, raw creativity is invigorating and dares listeners to cast off the social pressure to endlessly perfect their work and instead simply create.
  12. Game Jam Jams Vol. 1
    by Chimeratio
    Masks of the Demon - Water Temple Masks of the Demon - Water Temple
    Bright, energetic experiments in game music that make me nostalgic for that tumultuous but endlessly optimistic bygone era when gaming wasn't nearly so corporate and small developers like Artdink or Microcabin made quirky games that challenged the imagination.
  13. Game Jam Jams Vol. 2
    by Chimeratio
    Litter Labyrinth [Matthew's Dungeons of the Unforgotten] Litter Labyrinth [Matthew's Dungeons of the Unforgotten]
    A second foray into experimental game music. And it may be even better than the first. The tracks for "Matthew's Dungeons of the Unforgotten" are what originally caught my attention after I found my way here from Cryptovolans' work, and they’re still my favorite.
  14. Ludwig
    by Spor Tranquil
    Moving to Cambridge and Meeting Bertrand Russell - 1911 Moving to Cambridge and Meeting Bertrand Russell - 1911
    What would a game based on the life of Wittgenstein be like? From this whacked-out album, I imagine something like Maniac Mansion, with experiments gone wrong and evil tentacles, except they’re purely conceptual and not real. Someone needs to hurry up and make this.
  15. Anthology Of Experimental Music From China
    by Various Artists
    刘一纬 Liu Yiwei - An Elegy of Brick 刘一纬 Liu Yiwei - An Elegy of Brick
    A phantasmagorical, invigorating trek across a shifting landscape of musical strategies and reference points. "An Elegy of Brick," a dense bank of Wendy Carlos-esque synth fog, is one of many masterworks here that haunt me, confound me, and drive me to keep exploring.
  16. Anthology Of Experimental Music From Japan
    by Various Artists
    tomy-robo tomy-robo
    A quiet release that seems almost as invested in finding music in the spaces between sounds or layers thereof as in actually producing sounds. “Tomy-robo” makes me feel like I've shrunk to the atomic level and am hearing a toy robot’s siren across unimaginable gulfs of space.
  17. Anthology Of Experimental Music From Mexico
    by Various Artists
    Rodrigo Ambriz - Et voici la fièvre Rodrigo Ambriz - Et voici la fièvre
    Amazing album of drone, musique concrète, and other weirdness. A fog of shifting textures to wander through. Then you fall headlong into the gaping hole of "Et voici la fièvre," and when you emerge, you're not sure you're still in the same continuum you started off in.
  18. Anthology Of Experimental Music From Peru
    by Various Artists
    Rodolfo Ontaneda - Río de sangre hirviendo Rodolfo Ontaneda - Río de sangre hirviendo
    Another entrancing collection from USG that does nothing but make me want more from Latin America. Rodolfo Ontaneda hits a high point early on with a frightening post-rock-ish piece that takes us to the seventh circle of hell and carries us out again with minds wiped clean.
  19. Stone Music
    by Tokio Hasegawa
    Stone Music at Manipur Sangai Festival in India (2019) Stone Music at Manipur Sangai Festival in India (2019)
    A trancelike ceremony that lifts you effortlessly and sets you amidst its circle of boulders to complete the design. The world Tokio Hasegawa describes is built by immense and majestically unhurried geologic power, with a sense of purpose that lies beyond human understanding.
  20. Trowo Phurnag Ceremony
    by Phurpa
    Fundamental Mantra of Bon Fundamental Mantra of Bon
    In the ceremony's sphere of intense concentration, I feel the threads binding me to things that fill me with rage slowly loosen. In time, even what I love fades into the dark background, almost like it never existed, and I seem more like a shell to be shed when my time comes.