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  1. 9 potencia4
    01.9 potencia4 01.9 potencia4
    Further echoes and reverberations from deep in the tunnels; this time, however, with more of a human presence. Are these forgotten concrete-lined underground water conduits above which the city goes on living? And whose voice calls from out of the darkness?
  2. 9 potencia5
    01.9 potencia5 01.9 potencia5
    Rhythms built from the elements of wind and water, metal and stone, that erode the contents of the listener's consciousness until they reverberate inside a nearly empty skull cave and the unpredictable sounds of the world outside the recording become part of the music.
  3. man-eating serpent / trotting along the serpent / he who holds the serpent
    by /
    man-eating serpent man-eating serpent
    The serpent sees through you. And when it speaks, you don't understand. When you speak back, it doesn't care. If you learn its language, will it love you? Will it give you dominion over earth? Will it make you a serpent like itself? In all likelihood, it will consume you.
  4. In the Serpent's Star Bed
    by Acrylic Wind
    The Grand Summoning The Grand Summoning
    The witch's spirit awaits a new body, and as you approach the tower summit, you understand you may never see your friends again. When you look out the window, toward home, the night sky is filled with strange constellations. You are already in another world.
  5. Sojourn
    by Acrylic Wind
    Beyond the Fence Beyond the Fence
    In an eternal twilight, the parallel world of the sleeper holds its breath, lest it give away its secret. This album too maintains a dreamy delicacy through which the listener seems just on the verge of discovery and also about to fall through the membrane and finally wake up.
  6. The Swaying One
    by Acrylic Wind
    The Mound The Mound
    No one has lived in the ancient, underground kingdom for centuries, but the empty rooms remember, guiding the explorer to the depths, where, in the stale air, the scent of something terrible still lingers. Acrylic Wind brings arcane knowledge back to the surface.
  7. Journey
    by 茜 -AKANE-
    Avalon Avalon
    A completely absorbing hybrid of the alien landscapes of Panzer Dragoon and the traditional music of the world we actually inhabit. Takahashi-san's powerful vocals soar alongside Kobayashi-san's compositions. Seeing the two perform live was unforgettable.
  8. British Steel
    by Ansome
    Marching Powder Marching Powder
    Makes me want to rip off my clothes and smash up a chemical plant with a sledgehammer. There's nothing subtle about this music. It's loud and rude, and it doesn't hide its angst. A seemingly sourceless, directionless youthful angst that fuels my desire to fight the fight.
  9. Amiga Tech Dance
    by asa9000
    Amiga Tech Dance Amiga Tech Dance
    Repetitive, high-energy tracks that might work as background music in a video game, except that it's background music that absolutely refuses to stay in the background and instead gets right up in your face. Yūzō Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima would be proud.
  10. What Heat
    by Bokanté + Metropole Orkest (Conducted by Jules Buckley)
    Fanm Fanm
    A giant. The sound swells to with immensity that feels like it might split the room wide open, exposing us to the wind that sweeps across the dome of the sky. I'd love to hear this entire ensemble perform live and have the world around me, and me with it, physically stirred.
  11. blame shaming
    by Broken Toy
    I'm done with you bitches! I'm done with you bitches!
    A noise album that, uninterested in your self-important whining, blows off its own steam, then lies back with a satisfied grin, like the sound equivalent of a sweaty workout followed by edging. Hot! This is music that dares me to create. Whatever I want. Fuck critics.
  12. Dogs Blood Rising (remaster)
    by Current 93
    Falling Back In Fields Of Rape Falling Back In Fields Of Rape
    A ceremony of revival for the dark and fanatical rituals of the Christian past. This isn't a loving god that awakens. Its worshipers' hands are freshly covered in blood. They tolerate nothing else than obedience. You will join them, body and spirit. Reaping time has come.
  13. Performing a Crime
    by Joel Eel
    Performing a Crime Performing a Crime
    Strides right up and grabs you by the studded lapels like he'll sock you on the jaw, but gives you a kiss instead. And is the you who kisses back the same who was frightened moments ago? Joel Eel captures the volatility and fluidity of the self in the dangerous dance of love.
  14. Very Good Person
    by Joel Eel
    Stand Clear Stand Clear
    A bold and brutal commentary on the molds we try to force ourselves and others into. But the only casualty on this dance floor is conformism itself. Leave the blood on your black-gloved hands. The sexiest thing, after all, is being yourself. We pick our own poisons.
  15. The Tyrant's Tower
    by Einhorn
    Ancient Masonry pt. I-III Ancient Masonry pt. I-III
    The long climb up these stone stairs isn't easy, the air thickened with a deafening auditory sorcery meant to stop explorers from reaching the top but that actually only draws us upward to what we expect will be the source of the noise. And yet the tyrant's riddle has no answer.
  16. Ex Eye
    by Ex Eye
    Xenolith; The Anvil Xenolith; The Anvil
    Seeing the album performed live, I felt my mind and body being invaded by some possibly sentient force originating outside this continuum. And I wanted it to have me. Playing the recording now, I summon those electrifying black tendrils back through the circle.
  17. Infested - Original Soundtrack
    by Orie Falconer
    The Ship The Ship
    You're alone, and death waits at every turn. But roaming a doomed spacecraft has never felt so cozy. This loving, authentic tribute to the ICOM Simulations games for the NES takes me back to the simple, imaginative days of a childhood trapped in Castle Shadowgate.
  18. Bogom
    by Forgotten Deity
    Slavia Slavia
    An expedition into the heart of a forgotten wilderness in which episodes of wordless throat singing, pan flute, and drum beats sound less like signs of human civilization, whether lost or still living, and more like the presence of an ancient, indifferent god.
  19. The hollow Earth
    by garvalf
    Aeri Eeril (The Wand of Magic) Aeri Eeril (The Wand of Magic)
    A successor to One Myth, replacing the ZX Spectrum with more sophisticated technology. We make a fateful and melancholy journey into the shadows of time, and every person we meet along the way is a wizard who has waited an eternity for precisely this moment.
  20. One Myth
    by garvalf
    Rêveries et Souvenirs Rêveries et Souvenirs
    Dark and unsentimental, despite the bright, nostalgic tones of the ZX Spectrum. Garvalf propels the album forward using complex sequenced percussion and nervous melodies that build colorful bitmap hallways and chambers with backgrounds as black as the void.
  21. Rogue, Undercover
    Satan Manufacturing Satan Manufacturing
    The machine pulls the latex hood over your face. It fastens the restraints one by one around your naked limbs. You cannot speak or move. You are a thing to be used, like the machine. And that machine is a man. This is music for the hardcore porn of your nightmares.
  22. Do Not Lay Waste To Homes...
    by El Huervo
    Fumes Fumes
    Gritty downtempo meanderings that might describe a late-night ramble through the hazy, neon-lit streets and maze-like alleys of the big city. And as the hours pile one upon the other, so too grows the paranoia that nobody means well and the long night will never end.
  23. Jongler
    by Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo
    African Disco African Disco
    A splendid collection of dance numbers that, for all their energy, maintain a small ensemble sound. They're in no hurry to fill a huge club, but happy instead to keep just a few of us dancing at the small open-air cafe where they're playing late into the hot summer night.
  24. Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement
    by Saori Kobayashi
    Mutant Species 1 / 変異種1 Mutant Species 1 / 変異種1
    Panzer Dragoon Saga has been my musical home since it first appeared in 1998. Kobayashi-san, with these majestic new arrangements, helps me to hear afresh the inhospitable, but beautiful, wasteland I've wandered countless times before. Thank you.
  25. Terra Magica
    by Saori Kobayashi
    Starlight Wanderer Starlight Wanderer
    Open skies above a sea of dunes and the welcoming fire of a dragon rider making camp for the night. The allure of Kobayashi-san's exotic musical world never fades, and I hope this imaginative, warm-hearted solo album will be the first of many. Panzer Dragoon lives.
  26. Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 1
    by Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.
    The Amazing Ryu (NES) The Amazing Ryu (NES)
    NES Ninja Gaiden has one of the iconic soundtracks of its era: a cleanly engineered, rhythmically exciting, moody, heroic 8-bit technopop masterwork. On the other hand, the arcade soundtrack is a charmingly kitschy, if kind of unmemorable, musical pastiche.
  27. Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 2
    by Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.
    Unlimited Moment (NGII) Unlimited Moment (NGII)
    More ominous and claustrophobic than the soundtrack to the original NES Ninja Gaiden. Less readily likable, but also more enigmatic and haunting. Ninja Gaiden II is clearly the star, and Ryuichi Nitta is given the chance to demonstrate his potency as a composer.
  28. polybius
    by kriegsmammut
    chiller chiller
    Do the cartridge connectors need cleaning again? This is the sound of that liminal glitched state just before the black screen of death, when even the most wholesome software seems to become the portal to a terrifying world beyond the perceiving mind. Watch out.
  29. Laman Equine - "S/T"
    by Detriti Records
    LE#01 LE#01
    Punishingly long industrial dance jams that trap the listener in their demented pleasure chamber of laughter, moans, electrical shocks, and the crack of blunt objects against steel. I get the feeling that the bridle on the black-and-white cover isn't meant for horses at all.
  30. F13
    by lpower
    Overworld Part I Overworld Part I
    NES Friday the 13th actually scared me as a kid. Building on its soundtrack, lpower resurrects that old sense of isolation and dread in the face of an unpredictable, nearly unstoppable enemy. 8-bit Camp Crystal Lake is more frightening than the movies will ever be.
    No one knows who built these vast, empty halls or what the purpose of the labyrinth might have been, but the setting sun through the high glassless windows paints the walls gold and the unfamiliar machines throw their hulking shadows. Some of these doors seem best left closed.
  32. (Midi) Split Tape
    by Mong Tong, 檳榔袋鼠, Without Today, Oendxopen
    7-Seventeen 7-Seventeen
    At the dawn of a new millennium, as the great continent of Web 1.0 sank beneath the waves forever, the era of the 16-bit sound card came to an end. But this tape of MIDI-generated music is the soundtrack to the point-and-click adventures we still have in our dreams.
  33. The Blue Builders (2001)
    by NG
    Pol.Ar Pol.Ar
    Otherworldly machines operated by cold-blooded reptilians? Or a gay burlesque show taking place in a manufacturing plant? Exactly what's happening, I don't know, but none of it seems harmful. And I don't think anyone minds our watching. Let's stay a while.
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  34. Jungle Run
    by Nubiyan Twist
    Tell It to Me Slowly feat. Nick Richards Tell It to Me Slowly feat. Nick Richards
    The taxicab carries you through streets saturated in the colors of sunset to a rendezvous with your long-distance lover. You're not from the city, but what does that matter? This is where you belong. And a faint scent of tobacco tells the story of someone else's romance.
  35. Space Music
    by Nurse With Wound
    Space Music Space Music
    Ambience devoid of humanity, though not necessarily life. The droning of stars is punctuated by the occasional crunch, crackle, or screech that could be passing radiation, or is it instead some unfeeling silicon-based life form on its way to who knows where?
  36. The Surveillance Lounge
    by Nurse With Wound
    The Golden Age of Telekenesis The Golden Age of Telekenesis
    The room at the end of the world, where those without bodies intercept and reassemble broadcasts, then play them back to colonize the minds of their listeners. The fragmentary monologues, screams without context, and warped melodies thwart narrative.
  37. Night Trax
    by Plack Blague
    Just Another Man Of The Street Just Another Man Of The Street
    At last, the perfect ensemble of revealing black leather and stainless steel rivets to wear to a party to astound your friends. It's horny and playful to the point of silliness, but entirely unapologetic about it. I've been waiting a long time to blague. No f-f-f-fooling.
  38. 霧海 Wu-Hai
    by 落差草原 WWWW/Prairie WWWW
    月亮 Moon 月亮 Moon
    Earthy and occult, something like a hybrid of, I suppose, Geinoh Yamashirogumi and J.A. Seazer's work from the '70s. If this music is summoning a being from beyond the walls of the waking mind, that being seems benevolent, and I'm eager to learn what it can teach us.
  39. Speedlight - Single
    by Precum Society
    Speedlight Speedlight
    The figures entwined in the dark room become visible only in the flashes of a camera bulb, as both their climax and the authorities approach ineluctably, even mechanically. Mournful and paranoid, this dystopian single gets in your head and lays claim to it.
  40. The Basilisk
    by Roman Master
    Quest to Kill a Basilisk Quest to Kill a Basilisk
    I don't believe anyone returns alive from this quest. The music is grimly militaristic, characterized by fear and resignation, not valor. The menace of the basilisk directs the esoteric narrative from the first to the very last, like an unspeakable fate that can't be escaped.
  41. 稗海遺考 - Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean
    by 破地獄/Scattered Purgatory
    南市巷說 - Uttering among the southern lanes 南市巷說 - Uttering among the southern lanes
    Brooding, mysterious, imagistic drone full of humidity and fog. It hangs in the air. With intoxicating slowness, it evaporates, then condenses, sometimes into an almost stagnant doom that weighs on the ear like an enormous thundercloud about to burst.
  42. Javier Segura – El sol desde oriente: Selected & unreleased recordings (1980-1990)
    by Javier Segura
    A2 - El silencio A2 - El silencio
    Equal parts ethnography and speculative fiction, this music hypothesizes a near future resembling the world that we inhabit today but in which we look back on ourselves as we exist now and wonder who those people were and where they came from.
  43. Daf
    by Sortlegeme
    Under Under
    Spacious, sun-bleached loops that tumble headlong across continents, gathering fragments of traditional musics as they go. And as they then disappear into the distance, in their wake they leave in us a gradually receding feeling of continuing to be pulled along helplessly after them.
  44. HDK 08 † ガンマの年の反乱軍 (Renegades of Year Gamma)
    Escape from the Yomi-prison Escape from the Yomi-prison
    Plugged into a lost access point to the network of haunted 32-bit corridors where Kileak the Blood connects with Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner and every other dungeon crawl that was the Sega Saturn's and Sony Playstation's dream of a dark, violent future.
  45. Early Tape Works 1986 - 1993 Vol. 1
    by Kuniyuki Takahashi
    Day Dreams Day Dreams
    A rewarding collection of atmospheric tracks that mix nicely with the '80s/'90s Japanese electronic/ambient canon. Strong suggestions of Inoyamaland, Testpattern, and T.P.O., but with a dreamy personality of its own and filled with the joy of discovery.