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  1. Matahari
    by L'Impératrice
  2. Odyssée
    by L'Impératrice
  3. Hill Climber
    by Vulfpeck
  4. Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
    by Smoulder
  5. Never Hear The End Of It
    by Sloan
    Fading Into Obscurity Fading Into Obscurity
    This is one of my top 5 albums all time. Never Hear the End of It is a pop album exaggerated into a prog epic. It's made up of 30 tracks ranging from about a minute to over 5 all threaded seamlessly into an unbroken 76 minute masterpiece. Sloan's 4 headed monster of singer-songwriter-multi-instrumenalists ruminate on relationships and coming to terms with being one time rising stars that fell just shy of the firmament. It's glorious, touching, luxurious and it rocking! This is the apex of pop.
  6. Doomsday Afternoon
    by Phideaux
    Microdeath Softstar Microdeath Softstar
    The monumental second entry in a soon to be completed three part dystopian concept album suite, Doomsday Afternoon is soap opera director come gothic prog-rocker Xavier Phideaux's Opus. And it is in a word, stunning.

    I'll be extremely up front. This is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. I've had a burned copy I've listened to death since about 2009. It was way past time I paid my dues.
  7. The Armor of Ire
    by Eternal Champion
    I Am The Hammer I Am The Hammer
    Finally, some new metal that isn't sludge, black, death or doom. Just a straight up punch to the gut of good old heavy metal. Sharpen your broadswords, crank the tunes and bang hard!

    100% top row of the collection material.
  8. Pink Lemonade
    by Closure In Moscow
    Happy Days Happy Days
    Ingredients: Water, Sucrose, Natural Lemon Flavah(TM), Pink Dye R2112, Potassium Benzoate. May contain traces of Jack White and Jamiroquai.

    Warning: Do not consume without appropriate safety gear. Safety gear pictured. Safety gear not included. Safefy gear may be substituted with a completed copy of the Legend of Zelda or a Frank Zappa LP gatefold worn securely on the head.

    This product was not manufactured in a Gospel free facility.

    Consume frequently for best results.
    Quanta de lumière Quanta de lumière
    Complexe, complete et avant tout soulevant. VAISSEAUX est un triomphe. J'ai besoin de trouver encore plus. Le meilleur album venant de la belle province depuis l'oeuvre "Si On Avait Besoin D'une Cinquieme Saison" par Harmonium.

    (PS: I can't believe I'm saying this, but get the iTunes 6 track version, Procyon & Partie 3 (il y a une partie 3!) are the best tracks! And they're gone from this version for some reason!? AU SECOURS!)
  10. Mr Finish Line
    by Vulfpeck
    Music for believing in.
    by Carpenter Brut
    Hairspray Hurricane Hairspray Hurricane
    No one does electronic better than the French. I always love it when musicians ride the line between electronic and metal too. This was my favourite album since Justice's Woman (until I heard Woman Worldwide later the same day. :P )

    So many killer tracks on this one.
  12. MASTER
    by Teeth of the Sea
    Responder Responder
    Somewhere between prog rock and industrial electronic and always blacker than pitch, this album is a must for those who know electronic isn't only for dancing.
  13. Apex
    by Unleash The Archers
    The Matriarch The Matriarch
    The West Coast has fjords, I supposed it must only have been a matter of time before someone applied the Scandinavian techniques for transmuting them into metal. This is a particularly refined product too. Suitable top quality battle axes.

    Easily the best power metal I've found on Bandcamp so far.

    /m\ >.< /m\
  14. Conqueror's Oath
    by Visigoth
    Steel and Silver Steel and Silver
    Turns out, they do make 'em like they used to! Visigoth clearly learned something on Revenant King. They've taken those raw beginnings they've come back with an achievement on another level with Conqueror's Oath. It's refined, polished and relentless. They sound as confident as hell on this album and frankly they deserve to.
  15. Part The Second
    by maudlin of the Well
    An Excerpt From 6,000,000,000,000 Miles Before The First, or, The Revisitation Of The Blue Ghost An Excerpt From 6,000,000,000,000 Miles Before The First, or, The Revisitation Of The Blue Ghost
    I don't know what shocked me more, seeing part the Second here on Bandcamp or the fact that the totally free, totally legit original download site is still active. Either way, as someone who wasn't in the know when the album was originally crowd funded, I've enjoyed this album far to much not to compensate the artists.

    The album is as profound as it is excellent. Very rewarding to the adventurous listener.
  16. Number Seven (Remastered)
    by Phideaux
    Infinite Supply Infinite Supply
    To me, this is the only Phideaux album that can challenge Doomsday Afternoon. It is as complicated and absorbing, but maybe not quite as perfect. One thing 7 has that Doomsday can't match though is elevation. Infinite Supply is probably my favourite track by the band.
  17. Infernal
    by Phideaux
    cast out and cold cast out and cold
    11 years since Doomsday Afternoon and 7 years since anything else, it's finally here: Infernal!

    This is Phideaux's Tales from Topographic Oceans or Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. It's massive and incredibly ambitious, but they've pulled it off with more aplomb than those mommoth double album classics.

    It isn't as hooking as Doomsday or 7, but it's a very fitting extension and conclusion to the trilogy with plenty great moments all its own.

    Fans of the band should enjoy spotting the references.
  18. "Luciferian Towers"
    by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  19. Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress
    by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    Peasantry or ‘Light! Inside of Light!’ Peasantry or ‘Light! Inside of Light!’
    Hi GY!BE you being an anarcho-syndicatist commune from Montréal and me being well... none of those things I really wasn't sure you were the band for me, but this is outstanding stuff! Mesmerizing and skull crushingly deep.
    by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  21. The Assassination of Julius Caesar
    by Ulver
  22. Into the Ivory Tower
    by The Allstar Project
  23. In The Future
    by Black Mountain
    Wucan Wucan
    I never get sick of this cover art.

    This album is so good I'm actually buying it for a second time. Stupid Apple screwed something up and I can't listen to Bright Lights. That's right, I can't listen to the track that fills a third of the freaking album! NOT ANY MORE! Thanks for ruling the internet Black Mountain and Bandcamp!

    ALSO! TYRANTS IS THE BEST SONG! LET ME PICK IT YOU TYRANTS! Benevolent though you may be...
  24. IV
    by Black Mountain
    Mothers of the Sun Mothers of the Sun
    It's a pretty decent album. Not as punchy as In the Future, but still some of the best psychedelic hard rock you're likely to find this year. Constellations is probably my favourite.
  25. Destroyer
    by Black Mountain
  26. Rites At Dawn
    by Wobbler
    The River The River
    One of the greatest modern prog albums. It's easy to pick spot references, but impossible to knock the originality of the final product. Press play and go for a ride. This is only meant to be consumed whole.
  27. From Silence to Somewhere
    by Wobbler
  28. TOSS
    by Shugo Tokumaru
    Bricolage Music Bricolage Music
    Beautiful, self-effacing, ecclectic Japanese pop music for the 21st century.
  29. Installation
    by LITE
    Echolocation Echolocation
    In an genre where the typical formula involves 2 scoops of bitter for every one of sweet, LITE's uncharacteristically bright and diverse emotional pallet is most welcome.
  30. Zoetrope
    by Cantaloupe
    0891 50 50 50 0891 50 50 50
    Dear Cantaloupe,

    I think I'm in love.

    I know this may come as a surprise, seeing as how we've never met before, and you're a band full of people with lives and priorities and such, and I'm some guy who lives seven thousand kilometers away who writes in run-on sentences, but I think we can make this relationship work. It was love at first air punch.
  31. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
  32. Highly Deadly Black Tarantula
    by Teeth Of The Sea
  33. Flight
    by Proud Peasant
    Awakenings Awakenings
    I'd been looking for the next excellent symphonic-prog album since Wobbler's Rites at Dawn. I finally found it. Proud Peasant is Mike Oldfield circa Ommadawn meets Yes. What's not to love!?
  34. Drakkar Nowhere
    by Drakkar Nowhere
  35. Elliptic EP
    by Vessels
    Come Out Of The Sky And Fight This Come Out Of The Sky And Fight This
    About as perfect a synthesis of post-rock and electronic as you can get. I don't know why more people aren't doing it. Maybe it's cause they can't. :O
  36. Dilate
    by Vessels
  37. Second Sight
    by EYE
  38. The Mystery of Mordy Laye
    by Mordy Laye and the Group Modular
  39. Flailing Tomb
    by Petrels
    Orpheus Orpheus
    Flailing Tomb is more conventional than Mima or Onkalo (relatively speaking of course), but that makes it no less powerful. Orpheus may be Petrels' most concisely excellent piece to date. The choral/vocal work is as surprising as it is outstanding.
  40. Mima
    by Petrels
    For lack of a better word, these albums are crippling. They're so powerful, they tear you right apart.
  41. Onkalo
    by Petrels
    It's a concept album about the spiritual implications of nuclear storage facility with an unfathomable lifespan. What can one do save be blown away by it?
  42. Tales of the night forest
    by Black Hill & Silent Island
  43. Starfire
    by Jaga Jazzist
  44. The Octopus
    by Amplifier
  45. Ummagma
    by Ummagma