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Thundering Mantis

  1. Southampton, UK
  2. Electronic
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    by Hooverian Blur
  2. Diamonds / Mattone
    by Piezo
  3. ANSIA001
    by Piezo
  4. EGFREE006 - 5K Thank You EP
    by Various Artists
  5. D​​​​​​​é​​​​​​​lices du Midi "Fada Acamp Vol.1" (DDMFADA001)
    by Kaval
  6. BambaPack Vol.1
  7. Eraser / Hands All Over My Body
    by Sully, Coco Bryce
  8. Theories
    by Debba
  9. DIME001
    by SWR
  10. Razors Re-Lick // Brighter Tomorrow
    by Steve C & Monita
  11. SKELRFR001
    by DJ Monita
    Full Cry (Phineus II Remix) Full Cry (Phineus II Remix)
    Brap! Quality record. Love the split label releases on Future Retro
  12. Flattrax : FLAT6 : Perception / Highrise
    by Highrise
  13. Lithuanian Beauty EP
    by Unknown Artist
  14. A Fascinating Skeleton
    by Henzo
  15. What It's Worth
    by Norman Pain
  16. D​​​​​​​é​​​​​​​lices du Midi (DDM014)
    by Kaval
  17. Fracture Presents: Slow Astro, Vol. 3 & 4
    by Fracture
  18. EGR014EP - Coupable EP
    by Argo
  19. Sci Wax Retro Vol 8
    by Tim Reaper, Equinox, Nebula, Dwarde
    Badman Style Badman Style
    Boom! Badman Style isn't for the faint-hearted 🔥
  20. ZERO POINT DRUMS By Dom & Roland and Dj Crystl
    by dj crystl