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  1. Retrospect
    by TDK
  2. Mechromancy EP
    by Nine Hydras
    Mechanize the Dead Mechanize the Dead
    This EP is strangely eerie, setting the perfect mood for it’s robo esq wobbles and metallic bass. Nine Hydras has really nailed this style to perfection. Headbangers unite!
  3. Pikselhjerte OST
    by Kubbi
  4. Shirobon Presents: Chiptune for Serum
    by Shirobon
  5. -f-e-i- (EP)
    by FAYYET
  6. to be determined
    by AZD0wN
  7. This May Be the Year
    by AZD0wN
  8. Taiga
    by Kubbi
  9. Beloved
    by Tenkitsune
  10. Codex EP
    by Awesome Force
  11. Ember
    by Kubbi
    This album is unbelievable! So many feels! you won't regret buying. Get a CD for your car!
  12. Solace - EP
    by Bandit
    …This album offers something new and wonderful; it maintains a smooth, refreshing atmosphere throughout… In fact, I didn't realize there were multiple artists until after listening on a proper desktop computer. Each artist worked well together to create a masterpiece. It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite; I like each of them with equal value.

    ...Finally, something different.
  13. Neon
    by Televisor
  14. The Last of The Light Defenders
    by Super Robotic Encounters
    Good Town/Evil Forest Good Town/Evil Forest
    supercharged energy and endless fun!
  15. Unleashed
    by NIIC the Singing Dog
  16. Refresh
    by TREY FREY
    Refresh Refresh
    Fucking Game Boys, How do they work?
  17. BLEEPSTREET Music Disk #1
    by Various Artists
  18. Something New
    by Kubbi
    You know a song is well made when it raises every hair on your body. I have the tingly sensation.
    Thank you so much for taking me by surprise, Kubbi!
    oh god now I'm crying. *sniff*
  19. Super Mario World - No Yoshis Allowed
    by Ben Briggs
  20. Live at BRK
    by Awesome Force
    Parallax Parallax
    This is the most brutal quick-paced chiptune set I have ever heard. It warms my heart that he is donating this to good causes that he takes interest in. P.S. THEM TEMPO CHANGES!! :o epic.