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Perverted Goat Defiler of the Second Circle

  1. Ding Dong, Texas
  2. Metal
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  1. Faster Than the Fucking Devil
    by Wraith - Black Knife - Graveripper - Unholy Night
  2. Bathe the Babe in Bats' Blood
    by SPITER
  3. Black Knife/Bastard Cross split
    by Black Knife
  4. Hel op aarde
    by Nagel
  5. Feed The Infamy
    by Ride For Revenge
  6. Obsequies Demo 2020
    by Vomit Command Propaganda
  7. War.Cult.Supremacy
    by Conqueror
  8. "Taking Care of Business is Our Business... and Business is Good" (Split with Putrid Stu)
    by Fluids
  9. Na Severe Srdca
  10. Anhedonic Renaissance
    by Talk Show
  11. Red Dragon's Invocation
    by Orgrel
  12. Odious Descent Into Decay
    by Cerebral Rot
  13. Graves of the Archangels
    by Dead Congregation
  14. Kuu Erkylän Yllä
    by Havukruunu
  15. Slave to the Scalpel
    by 200 STAB WOUNDS
  16. An Obelisk Marks the Line
    by Bone Awl
  17. Unconquerable Death
  18. Ugra-Karma
    by Impaled Nazarene
  19. Old Nick - Iam Vampire Castle
    by Old Nick
  20. Bastard Cröss
    by Bastard Cröss