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  1. The Pink Album
    by Felikitty
    You're Pretty Cute For a Ghost! You're Pretty Cute For a Ghost!
    Soooo groovy! It's like Persona meets Sonic!
  2. Sky Parade [GST-05]
    by Galaxy Swim Team
    My Heart Is A Goof-Free Galaxy My Heart Is A Goof-Free Galaxy
  3. Sol
    by Seeming
    Stranger (Feat. SAMMUS) Stranger (Feat. SAMMUS)
  4. freq.fest.v.5.0 sampler
    by 8bitLA
    Time Counts Down for Laika Time Counts Down for Laika
  5. Blasters & Daggers
    by Super MadNES
    Storm Eagle [Megaman X] Storm Eagle [Megaman X]
    Nice hard rock/metal take on some classic games. Saw them at MAGQuest!
  6. Badlands (DATA020)
    by Dubmood
    Change Change
    Absolutely incredible EP! Every track is solid, but it's worth it for the rocking "Change" by itself.
  7. Lush Artifact (DATA039)
    by MisfitChris
    Macross Macross
    Fabulous blend of synthwave, chips, and house — just chill enough, just dancey enough.

    Macross is a dreamsong ~
  8. Best Of 2001-2003
    by Dubmood
    YM2149 feat Zabutom YM2149 feat Zabutom
    Great collection of oldschool demo/crackscene-style tunes.
  9. Pieces in Space
    by Sammus
    Nighttime (feat. Izzy True) Nighttime (feat. Izzy True)
    I can't get enough of Nighttime — the lyrics speak to me and the hook is sooo good! Another stand-out release from the best artist in nerdcore!
  10. Revelation (ArcheAge Orchidna NA Theme)
    by Invocation Array
    Revelation Revelation
    Still one of my favorite bands!
  11. Onyx Philomela
    by Invocation Array
    Nigredo Nigredo
    Another superb album from an incredible band! Given the release date, the lyrics have extra weight for me.
  12. Brainscan
    by Defence Mechanism feat. The Gothsicles
    Hilarious and rocking
  13. LongStory - OST
    by Maggie McLean
    Looking Back Looking Back
    One of my favorite games
  14. The First Band Ever To Play Resistanz Festival (We're #1) feat. Thomas Rainer of NACHTMAHR and Richard Pyne of UBERBYTE
    If only all their songs sounded like this....
  15. Live in Studio (Volume 1)
    by Invocation Array
    Hypogeum (Live in Studio) Hypogeum (Live in Studio)
    I am absolutely in love with Invocation Array at this point — Hypogeum is still my favorite, hands down, but everything on here is intense and detailed. This rendition of Little Dark Star is especially awesome as well!
  16. Infusion
    by Sammus
    Mighty Morphing Mighty Morphing
    This EP is simply perfect. I can't do it justice in words — just listen. Better yet, watch the videos! Every track is so complex and dynamic, the lyrics are so real, and the vibe is incredible. On constant repeat!
  17. Bloodsong (ArcheAge Aria NA Theme)
    by Invocation Array
    Bloodsong Bloodsong
    So glad to hear more from InvocationArray!
  18. Only ever have nightmares when i'm ill
    by <<<Fossil Arms>>>
    Black & White Black & White
    Classic synth goth sound.
    Love them live. Reliving the magic on Black & White now.
  19. Metamorphic Gentleman: A Stone Man EP
    by DjjD
    Archetype Stone (Stone Man and Proto Man) Archetype Stone (Stone Man and Proto Man)
    Another set of top notch remixes with a creative theme. I really dig the way Archetype Stone highlights the hooks in the original melody while introducing new layers and a contemporary beat.
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  20. Silent Disco b/w The Burial (Extended mix) & Precious Things
    by Seeming
    Silent Disco Silent Disco
    Solid. Silent Disco is catchy as hell and I could listen to The Burial extended indefinitely.
  21. Rallying Cry (Single)
    by Curious Quail
    Super excellent combination of analogue and chip instrumentation with a great hook!
    by D&D Sluggers
    Love the vocals! Really hard for me to choose between RKWLDR and Choreography.
  23. Three-Fifths [prod. by D Nilsz]
    by Sammus
    Three Fifths [prod. by D Nilsz] Three Fifths [prod. by D Nilsz]
    What can I say? Listen to it again.
  24. Soul Veggies
    by Mega Ran and Storyville
    Waste My Time Waste My Time
    Really slick collaboration. Love the rapping on Waste My Time track particularly.
  25. RNDM
    by Mega Ran
    The Meeting (beat by K-Murdock) The Meeting (beat by K-Murdock)
    This album is superb from start to finish. It's hard to pick a favourite track, but I relate deeply to The Meeting so that's my #1.
  26. Gone (feat. Sammus)
    by Mega Ran
    Life lessons here
  27. Hopiko OST
    by Rob Allison
    Bees Bees
    So down with the hard-hitting, uncompromising crunch of these tracks.
  28. rewind
    by crashfaster
    medicated medicated
    Still expanding their stylistic reach.
    Still my favourite band.
  29. Lil Shredder
    by Chalk
    Made Made
    Great solos and vocals, optimum rock/punk mix. I love how this album seems to explore each band member's perspective.
  30. Worldburners EP
    by Seeming
    Party to Say Goodbye (PEGRITZ! Mix) Party to Say Goodbye (PEGRITZ! Mix)
    The high points here are really high. I love the new material.
  31. Splatunes!
    by GameChops
    Kid Now, Squid Now! Kid Now, Squid Now!
    Infectious. I literally cannot get enough.
  32. A Color for Fiction
    by Invocation Array
    Hypogeum Hypogeum
    Great mix of emotions: angsty, electronic, contemporary, slick.
  33. Aria Of Vernal Tombs
    by Obsequiae
    Autumnal Pyre Autumnal Pyre
    Everything the name and image suggests. Transcends its inspiration for a beautiful evolution of metal.
  34. Delorean Overdrive
    by Delorean Overdrive
    Never Leave Never Leave
    While not the same as seeing them live, still a great collection. No one does vocals like Morgan Tucker does vocals!
  35. Bare Knuckle Bruisin'
    by Pixeltone Music
    Classic retro style.
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  36. echo
    by crashfaster
    echo echo
    Another super catchy track from my favourite band! Love the vocals and beats.
  37. The Sound of SceneSat Volume 3
    by Various artists
    Staffroom Staffroom
  38. VGM Acapella: Volume 2
    by Smooth McGroove
    Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage 2 Acapella Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage 2 Acapella
  39. superchroma
    by crashfaster
    lost lost
    An amazing, diverse release from the inimitable crashfaster. I like how the band has managed to stay true to their core emotional resonance while exploring more upbeat songs.
  40. The Dominant Idea (DATA031)
    by Gem Tos
    Comme L'Homme Comme L'Homme
  41. Machine (DATA030)
    by Dubmood
    Simple Machine Simple Machine
    This album is a pillar of quality in the chiptune scene. Simple Machine is one of my most-listened-to songs of the last year and a go-to track when introducing someone to contemporary chips-as-instruments.
  42. Another Life
    by Black City Lights
    Give It Up Give It Up
    Beautiful, ethereal, melancholy, and current. Heals my postgoth heart.
  43. Madness & Extinction
    by Seeming
    Beautiful for the Last Time Beautiful for the Last Time
    One of my favourite albums of the past year. Amazingly diverse sound, each song expertly crafted, with lyrical complexity to mull over.

    I loved this album so much I bought it twice, once on BandCamp, once from StormingTheBase. Hoping for a tour!
  44. No Morrow Shall Dawn
    by THY LIGHT
    Wanderer of Solitude Wanderer of Solitude
    Haunting, frostburning traditional blackmetal with atmosphere.
  45. Echoes of Battle
    by Caladan Brood
    Wild Autumn Wind Wild Autumn Wind
    In the tradition of Summoning, but if possible even more expansive and deep.