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  2. Metal
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  1. Snake Oil
    by Foxgrave
  2. Trve Grind
    by Brook Pridemore
  3. Skin Show
    by The Lion's Daughter
  4. The Traveller
    by Low Magic
  5. Bow to Your Masters Volume Two: Deep Purple!
    by Glory or Death Records
  6. Novikov
    by Heavier Than Air Flying Machines
  7. Cosmic Death Worship
    by Rip VanRipper
    SuperVoid SuperVoid
    I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for more Rip VanRipper!

    They are still the only band to make my clothes vibrate to the point of tickling.
  8. Ninja Corridor
    by Low Magic
  9. Into Bolivian
  10. Into Bolivian
  11. Dopesmoker
    by Sleep
  12. The Hallowing Of Heirdom
    by Winterfylleth
  13. A Benefit For Mac's Bar Staff
    by GTG Records
    by Cult of Luna
  15. Worth Fighting For
    by Seen and Unforeseen
  16. The Plants Bloom Downward
    by temporalhaze
  17. The Helm of Sorrow
    by Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou
  18. Athrú Crutha
    by Cruthu
  19. May Our Chambers Be Full
    by Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou
  20. Low Magic v1.1
    by Low Magic