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  1. A Flourishing Fall in a Grain of Sand
    by Humanotone
  2. Itch
    by Mammock
  3. Grow
    by Dendrites
    I 'm Gonna Fly I 'm Gonna Fly
    Southern-fried stoner metal from Greece that is high energy yet sludgy, with plenty of harmonics peppered guitar riffs ("Bullet Dodger"), anvil-heavy grooves like on the couchlocked while lightly flirting with CKY "Snake Oil Merchant," and a hazy, unorthodox yet comfy Clutch meets Morphine comedown in the sax-splashed album closer "I'm Gonna Fly."
  4. Κτηνωδία
    by Khirki
  5. twitch sessions 4/2022
    by Nick DePirro
    Twitch 174 Twitch 174
  6. twitch sessions 3/2022 ++
    by Nick DePirro
  7. M8
    by laamaa
    electric blues electric blues
  8. twitch sessions 12/2021
    by Nick DePirro
  9. twitch sessions 2/2022
    by Nick DePirro
  10. twitch sessions 1/2022
    by Nick DePirro
  11. Necessary Monsters
    by Carla Kihlstedt & Rafael Osés
  12. twitch sessions 11/2021
    by Nick DePirro
  13. Interweavement
    by Fugu Quintet
  14. Alpha Zero
    by Tasha Baxter
  15. Canicule
    by Fungi
  16. twitch sessions 9/2021
    by Nick DePirro
  17. twitch sessions 8/2021
    by Nick DePirro
  18. twitch sessions 7/2021
    by Nick DePirro
  19. twitch sessions 6/2021
    by Nick DePirro
  20. CyberChip
    by LukHash
    Neon Thrills 8580R5 0788 25 HK Neon Thrills 8580R5 0788 25 HK
    This rocks. I'm super late to this party, by a decade or four, depending on who you ask, but wow - the SID will never die with wizards like Lukhash making it sing like this. Gooey, gritty, warm, dreamy lushness. Simply glorious.