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  1. Williamston, South Carolina
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  1. Uh Oh! It's... The Coolies
    by * The Coolies
  2. How I learned To Stop Worrying (20th Anniversary remaster with bonus tracks)
    by The Beatifics
    This Year's Jessica This Year's Jessica
    I love this criminally overlooked record. These songs have echoed through my long-term memory for 20 years, and finding this album on Bandcamp is one of the best things that happened to me this year.
  3. When You're Ready b/w Kiss Yourself Goodbye
    by TUNS
  4. Ready Set Disengage: Deluxe Edition
    by Clarinette
  5. Transmuting Fall
    by Clarinette
  6. The Now Of Then
    by Clarinette
  7. And Then I Woke Up
    by Clarinette
  8. Sonatina Number 1 (For Shannon)
    by Dan Vallor
  9. Spitfire Aria
    by Dan Vallor
  10. Nul
    by Clarinette
  11. Retrospekt
    by Clarinette
  12. There Is No Word Tender Enough To Be Your Name
    by Clarinette
  13. Well Sung Woes
    by Clarinette
  14. Epic Frost's "Freezing Fire"
    by Clarinette
  15. Clarinette On DNA: Jazz Impressions Of DNA On DNA
    by Clarinette
  16. Klarinette's "The Path Of Sisyphus"
    by Clarinette
  17. The Clarinette Anti Cassette Act Of 2012
    by Clarinette
  18. Network Transmissions
    by Clarinette
  19. Little Fluttery Screamy Thing (Redacted)
    by Clarinette
  20. Haze
    by Clarinette
  21. Forget This Feeling / You Turn Me On - 7" single
    by Feltworth
  22. Bash Bish
    by Bubble
  23. La Di Da - Deluxe Edition
    by Gladhands
  24. The Magic Place
    by Julianna Barwick
  25. The Would-Be Plans
    by Jimmer
  26. LP
    by BNLX
  27. Swearin'
    by Swearin'
  28. Angels Live In My Town
    by Drew O'DOHERTY