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Three Imaginary Girls

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  1. Amsterdam
    by Fort Not
  2. This Is My Street
    by Various Artists
  3. Brisbane on Everything
    by Bill and Hannah Botting
  4. We Don't Need Enemies b/w Bundle the Ones
    by BOAT
  5. Cassie
    by Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums
  6. Everybody Loves Urusei Yatsura (Oni Version)
    by Urusei Yatsura
  7. Urban Legends (2000)
    by Hutch Harris
  8. The Tuts - Wannabe (Cover)
    by The Tuts
  9. Update Your Brain
    by The Tuts
  10. Christmas is in the air
    by The Tuts
  11. Can You Spell Urusei Yatsura - Lost Songs 1993-2000
    by Urusei Yatsura
  12. lawnchair
    by lawnchair
  13. You Are My Urusei Yatsura
    by Urusei Yatsura
  14. Kernel/Teen Dream Lovetrain Single
    by Urusei Yatsura
  15. Live Tour Freebie Single 1996
    by Urusei Yatsura
  16. Live at Seven-A
    by bis
  17. 12k Boost Boost
    by Kempston, Protek & Fuller (John Disco)
  18. You Wrecked My Christmas
    by bis
  19. Return to Central (Deluxe - 31 tracks)
    by bis
  20. Keroleen
    by bis