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  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Howl of Dynamite
    by Storm of Sedition
  2. Bang To Rights
    by Heavy Sentence
  3. Garden of Burning Apparitions
    by Full of Hell
  4. deli girls
    by deli girls
  5. Daymaker
    by Flamingosis
    Everything this man touches is gold, and this album is no exception. Flamingosis is literally incapable of making bad music.
  6. Force Majeure
    by Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger
  7. Genesis of Nervous Decay
    by Karst
  8. Innate Control
    by Sycophant
  9. Self Titled
    by SECT
  10. Innate Control
    by Sycophant
  11. S/T
    by Joe Biden
  12. Timbits III - Last Timbit of the Night
    by falcxne
  13. Timbits
    by falcxne
  14. Timbits Outro: Half Dozen
    by falcxne
  15. Timbits II
    by falcxne
  16. Crumbs: Leftover Timbits (Re-Issue)
    by falcxne
  17. Home Alone Dance Party (EP)
    by falcxne
  18. Came Down Different
    by pardoner
  19. i became birds
    by Home Is Where
    hey dude ask your mom if I can come over this weekend, we can stay up all night playing video games and eating sour punch straws and we'll never ever ever grow old.
  20. Mercurial Passages
    by Ghastly