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  1. A Pirate's Symphony
    by Visions Of Atlantis
  2. The Enduring Spirit
    by Tomb Mold
  3. Searching for Tomorrow
    by Timecop1983
    by GUNSHIP
    Advance single is a banger. Purchased the album the second I knew about the preorder. Gunship, one of the OGs of synthwave, still kills it.
  5. The Fallen King
    by Frozen Crown
  6. Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind
    Runemagick' continues with their recent strong form here. Another solid slab of doom/death. The quartet format has really worked for them on their recent albums.
  7. Crowned In Frost
    by Frozen Crown
  8. Winterbane
    by Frozen Crown
  9. Call Of The North
    by Frozen Crown
    I'm kind of hooked on Frozen Crown right now. Jade's voice is great. The band is tight and crisp, with strong solos from both guitarists. No weak spots here. Frozen Crown is delivering the goods.
  10. Black Flame Eternal
    by Cloak
    Seven Thunders Seven Thunders
    Cloak is painting with a more varied pallet this time around. Although you can clearly hear that this is the same band, with subject matter familiar to their fans, they've diversified. There are more solos here, more varied tempos. The vocals are assured. The drums sound huge and authoritative. Excellent release.
  11. Elocution Prattle
    by Say Hi
    I didn't know I needed an instrumental record from Say Hi. Turns out that I did.
  12. Arcade Dreams
    by Marvel83'
  13. Heroes
    by The Midnight
    GAAAH! Only two songs and I'm already hooked so hard. The Midnight is so adroit at finding all those 80's sounds and using them to their absolute best effect. Can't wait for the whole album to drop.
    by Carpenter Brut
    Another banger by Carpenter Brut. This one has a lot of great and varied vocalists, including some harsh vocals (bonus!). You probably know if you're in the target audience for le Brut by now. If you are...get it, live it, love it.
  15. Bana
    by Danheim & Gealdýr
  16. Vikinger (feat. Sigurbodi)
    by Danheim
  17. Tyrfing
    by Danheim
  18. Ulfhednar
    by Danheim
  19. Gleipnir
    by Danheim & Fader Sol, Moder Jord
  20. Vega
    by Danheim