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Thony Ekström

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  1. Will Of The Primordial
    by Grima
  2. Audio Flights 1 - H13
    by Various
  3. This Breaks My Fucking Heart EP (PRSPCTXTRM052)
    by Adamant Scream
    Disorder (ft. Thrasher) Disorder (ft. Thrasher)
    Disorder have ultimate kicks, bass, atmo, rawness, vocals suits it well! and soo on. Love it! ❤️
  4. The Question
    by Coman Dante, Donny, Katharsys, Sinister Souls, Switch Technique
  5. Of Fire and Infinity
    by Déhà
  6. A FLEUR DE PEAU - II - Burdening Everyone
    by Déhà
  7. No Air (feat. Irene Serrano) - Single
    by Déhà
    Just wow! 😍 really have it all, love the sadness in atmosphere, the vocals is top notch!!! Listen at repeat (10-20 times in a row 😆) as i write this!
  8. How to despise humanity in 7 lessons and a half
    by Déhà
  9. Piano songs with my Friends
    by Déhà
    Their breath on my neck Their breath on my neck
    So nice!
  10. XXVI - IX - MMXV
    by Déhà, Ahephaïm & S Caedes
  11. Your Existence is an anomaly which clings on hope and destruction
    by Déhà
  12. Come oh rain comforting mother
    by Déhà
  13. Hello . Breathe
    by Déhà
  14. Blasphemes (demo)
    by Déhà
  15. Ultar — Live at Stoned Petersburg (2020)
    by Ultar
  16. Sacerdos Vigilia - Lurid Lullabies
    by Traumatic
  17. Fredagsmys
    by Vanhelga
    Ensam mot alla Ensam mot alla
    Some really awesome tracks in here, my absolute favorite must be Ensam Mot Alla. Stay positive tho! =)
  18. Breaking The Seal
    by Ghost In The Machine
  19. Failure
    by Aerosol Jesus
  20. Live in Berlin
    by Der Weg einer Freiheit