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Thom Kunz

  1. Wilmington, North Carolina
  2. Alternative
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  1. Canon
    by The Tills
    Avenue A Avenue A
  2. While We're In The Blue
    by Sean Thomas Gerard
    Need A Friend Need A Friend
  3. Rose Windows
    by Rose Windows
    Glory, Glory Glory, Glory
  4. RR7349
    by S U R V I V E
    A.H.B. A.H.B.
  5. Open To Chance
    by Itasca
    Buddy Buddy
  6. Paper Brain
    by Thom Kunz
    Cuts Like A Song (feat. Joan Childress Wilkerson) Cuts Like A Song (feat. Joan Childress Wilkerson)
  7. Spirit Phone
    by Lemon Demon
    Cabinet Man Cabinet Man
  8. Dreaming So Well
    by Dylan Drake
    No Change No Change
    Album has such gorgeous texture. Better with each listen - lots of great sounds happening on this record.
  10. India Ink
    by Brown Widow
    Rite About You Rite About You
  11. Struggling Still
    by Dylan Drake
    Kissing Angels Kissing Angels
  12. North Star Sessions
    by The Paper Stars
    Call Out My Name Call Out My Name
  13. Everything Happens for the First Time
    by Eli Mardock
    Theologians Tell Me Theologians Tell Me
    I was turned on to Eagle Seagull some years ago from an indie compilation. Ever since, I've come to love the songwriting of Eli Mardock.

    His songs are sound pictures that transcend the sonic landscape into something truly colorful and tangible. These are luscious songs you want to bite into.
  14. The Sun Dogs
    by Rose Windows
    Native Dreams Native Dreams
    Psychedelic progressive forest rock (if such a genre exists!), laced with folk and swooping harmonies that channel Jon Anderson of Yes and Perry Farell.

    They shift with ease from a pleasant bus ride sing-a-along to the grittiness of Grand Funk.

    Great to randomly stumbled upon this gem.
  15. PARDON
    by electric)noise(machine
    hAnds hAnds
    Stumbled upon this through someone who bought my record - awesome to hear loud, melodic songs that know how to build. Perfect blend of synth anger and drive. Cheers.
  16. Judicator
    by Stilz
    Moonlight Prowler Moonlight Prowler
    It takes you to another world. And it's a synth-driven Carpenter-esq world of bright lights and dark alleyways.
  17. White Noise Machine
    by Pet Names
    Sadie Sadie
    Nice to stumble on this album from the Port City. Fast and melodic at times - and slow summer night grooves and anthems like ('Sadie').
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  18. Second Places
    by The Night Wars
    The Forgetting Room The Forgetting Room
    There's a hurricane coming - and this makes it all peaceful. Nice stumble today finding this. Very moody, synth-driven landscape.
  19. Lost Themes Remixed
    by John Carpenter
    Purgatory (Prurient Remix) Purgatory (Prurient Remix)
  20. Coma Ecliptic
    by Between the Buried and Me
    Memory Palace Memory Palace
    It's the epic peaks of Dream Theater and Queen melted with growls and dark turns - technical and sweet, this album takes you on a sonic journey.
  21. Mike Blair & the Stonewalls
    by Mike Blair and the Stonewalls
    Sidewalks Sidewalks
    Solid musicianship here. Heard of them for a while now and finally had the chance to stream the album today.
  22. wdwdncc?
    by Usually Yandere
    Haus Haus
    Caught up with this on a plane ride home from NYC last month. Rhythm section is very tight. There is a lot packed into these two songs.
  23. The True Story of Molly Jin & June Cooper
    by THE BUNS
    Over Me Over Me
    They are the perfect combination of sweet & rough - just a solid find here on Bandcamp, all the way from Wilmington, NC, USA.
  24. There Is a Light
    by Rose Windows
    There Is a Light There Is a Light