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  1. Magicien Rouch
    by Yannick Dauby
    Magicien Rouch Side A Magicien Rouch Side A
  2. They Fall But You Don't
    by Mondkopf
    Vivere, Parte II Vivere, Parte II
  3. This Quietness Booms About On The Walls Like Birds In Panic
    by TANG
    She Died In June She Died In June
  4. It Follows
    by Disasterpeace
    Heels Heels
  5. Of Matter And Spirit
    by Aisha Devi
    Initiation To An Illusion Initiation To An Illusion
    Very powerful album. A great source of inspiration. Listen at the silences...
  6. Script Geometry
    by Thomas Tilly
    Script Geometry 2 - Hyla nana Script Geometry 2 - Hyla nana