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  1. Blessed Are the Sick (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Morbid Angel
    Of the underground metal on my stream, this could be the most important & influential, especially since I have no Burzum here. Other than the best work of Suffocation & Incantation, I don't think there is more solid death metal on the market. This music harkens back to the early beginnings of DM & its artistry and technical skill are still incredible. It strikes me as most fitting that Trey Azagthoth dedicated this LP to Mozart. "Blessed" will stand the test of time much as the music of Mozart.
  2. Onward to Golgotha
    by Incantation
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    Unholy Massacre Unholy Massacre
    Likely the finest death metal LP I have heard yet, and I don't mean just by Incantation. The musical vision is clear and unified and very focussed. Though I have had this album for almost half of my life, it is one that has provoked me over the years & continues to do so even as my beard continues to grey. Greatness as this is for refined ears. This is music for we who love the ways of the warrior & the ways of nature in its destruction & creation. Long may this LP trample down death by death!
  3. Levitised Spirit
    by SEANCE
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    Haunted Haunted
    Gruff expletives of vocalization guide each piece with a barfing cadence in the song verses, which disintegrates into howling sounds as the chorus or transition spurs a frenzied tempo. A deliberately precise but basic instrumentation and ease of juggling with song structure suggests a subtle yet smashing musiciality behind this band. What keeps this EP in mind is the transcendental concepts handled and its tendency to move one’s consciousness into the dark world of its imagination.
  4. Human Waste
    by Suffocation
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    Jesus Wept Jesus Wept
    Oh baby, this is my favourite death metal EP! Finally decided to buy this initial release from Suffocation. This is a killer NY style death metal release. Human Waste is profoundly insightful and innovative. Shuddering waves of power chords and arpeggios build multiple structures from the thoughtful & simple nihilistic, chromatic riffs. The living pulse of this EP infuses all of the music with a breathing relevance that few can deny. A glorious, hearty, savage-throat-filled, 'Arrrrrggghhhh!!!'
  5. On Avery Island
    by Neutral Milk Hotel
    Often & unfairly On Avery Island is overlooked. Crashing from the speakers with fuzzed out guitars, horns & earnest yet dream-like vocals, the ‘Song Against Sex’ starts the sonic dreamscape. Managing the balancing act of both sounding lo-fi & intimate & yet dynamic, the psychedelic sounds function well. A strength of this LP is the pacing & variety of the tracks. Slower tracks, like the quiet & yearning ‘Babies for Pree’ are broken up by louder, fuller tracks like ‘Naomi’: the LP always engages!
  6. O Agios Pethane
    by BLOOD
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    Spasmo paralytic dreams Spasmo paralytic dreams
    Turgid churning darkness, very bass intense & capturing rough edges of power chords in a distant tone. Riffs appear early before the melody shows its darkness & dissonant ambiguity. As individual instruments, the voices are single & repetitive, yet reflect obscurity & chaos. Song structures develop to allow intrusive chaos to create momentum by the underlying violent conflicts that bond the simple aspects of this music together. Thrash & BM are the core of this hybrid. Apex of grindcore; O yes!
  7. Altars of Madness (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Morbid Angel
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    Immortal Rites Immortal Rites
    A vast masterpiece! The guitar work is exceptional; the leads are blistering, technical, and tastefully managed to avoid solo-wankery; the riffs have definite shades of classical influence. The compositions are complex and simple in all the right places; complexity in the lyrics hides under metered verse. Drumming is exceptional; & the vocals have an oddly caressing quality. MA’s ability to put several rhythms into any part of a riff created songs of boundless potential, aggression and energy.
  8. Sangreal
    by Cóndor
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    Sangreal Sangreal
    On this third LP, a pure, focussed and mature voice of Condor comes into view, reducing previous experiments to words and terms that are now handled with daring eloquence, giving rise to a composition of truly symphonic dimensions and details. The song ‘Sangreal’ now attains its rightful place at the pinnacle of Condor’s songwriting. Condor compose carefully and thoughtfully; though their last tunes on this LP beguile a bit, yet they are not without nuisanced treasures for discerning ears.
  9. Nespithe
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    The Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh (bonus) The Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh (bonus)
    Demilich merge rich tonal space in abstract harmonies with DM, layering these ideas into songs where complexity forms but does not illustrate an overall theme. Most of the LP runs through wild cyclical riffs into a maze of tones that reassemble in one’s mind; there are brutal parts: blasting & rhythmic intensity guided by the unreal vocal fry register croaking. Active inventive riffs dance around tonal centres; each song deconstructs gradually in a twisted way, revealing its new motif! Smashing!
  10. Eon of Cycling Death
    by KEVER
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    Eon of Cycling Death Eon of Cycling Death
    Eon of Cycling Death wears its DM influences in Suffocation & Morbid Angel on its sleeve, but this is no mere surface imitation. Instead, Kever forges on with a kind of fantasy DM; percussive riffs give way to an ensemble of DM styles united by rhythm which convincingly outlines the ideas of each song, giving the compositions depth. On top of it, the abrupt & croaking vocals give new life to a very familiar technique with its guttural but carefully sculpted sonic enunciation. Very solid EP!
  11. North
    by Sorcier Des Glaces
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    North North
    Melodic BM is rarely this perspicacious. Thematically SDG’s signature lyrical & melodic concepts revolve around descriptions of people & places undergoing freezing hell over vast, cold spans of time. Scenes of melancholic death are achieved by playing long riffs with slow & steady chord changes, in addition to faster melodies that anticipate the numerous melodically unorthodox transitions. Complexity tempered by an intuitive sense of coherency. Organic, harrowing & sweeping! Wondrous BM guitars.
  12. Reek of Putrefaction [Full Dynamic Range Edition]
    by Carcass
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    Vomited Anal Tract Vomited Anal Tract
    Carcass injected punk with a grotesque, ironic sense of humour which turned into a parody, suggesting a society of pleasant illusions hiding a corrupt reality. Songs surge with riffs played at punk speed but drums lag in slower paces, giving a sense of indifferent urgency; riffs are mostly of the rushing style, sounding like fast water currents, suggesting an ongoing revelation & not a static state. Carcass’ grind style revealed an irony: the frailty of humanity & the absurdity of our condition.
  13. The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy
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    Magic & Muhr Magic & Muhr
    Initial thoughts on the two tracks available at pre-order are that these tracks drone pointlessly like most lame Black Metal. "The Curling Flame of Blasphemy" rehashes classic, early Profanatica and more interesting later LPs like Profanatitas de Domonatia or Thy Kingdom Cum with slightly more professional polish but less interest. With what is available here, it seems that Profanatica is merely imitating itself, as if following a pre-set Ledney-Formula. Profanatica is more capable than this ...
  14. Inbreeding the Anthropophagi
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    End of All End of All
    Vocals contribute here in song structure to the craft heard by DoF’s mosaic riffage. Guttural, shrieking booms foreshadow both the rhythm & melodic integration. Grindcoresque drumming is constant. At first a barrage of divergent riffs, this LP evolves in a listener as it is grasped so that the individual voices behind each viewpoint in a collection of fragmented riffs can speak: a thundering assault, a mocking light & savage ballet, & a gleeful, lifelike voice that speak from the sonic collage!
  15. Longhena
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    Constant Autumn Constant Autumn
    With Brutal Truth grindcore shifted to an imitation of data overload. Gridlink picks up this mantle by putting many different influences together into a high-speed stream of sound that mocks modern life by flinging at us an extensive lexicon of riffery in minute-songs that never relent from their sad sprint. This rush holds together because the diverse riffs are variations on a not-immediately-visible common thread, delivering a cryptic & melancholy but, ironically, a very satisfying listen.
  16. Split 7-Inch Record (Limited Edition)
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    DIVINE EVE - Grievous Ascendance DIVINE EVE - Grievous Ascendance
    Divine Eve play the dirge-like tendencies of early Swedish DM, borrowing guitar & musical devices from that genre, creating a hybrid between US doom & the rock-DM of Entombed’s 2LP. Like Entombed, they select a rhythm for its continuity & ride it through choruses, ending in the melody. Grounding this are two abilities: the capacity for writing both mid-paced DM riffs in a charging cadence & creating NWOBHM-like melodies that would fit on Cathedral’s first. Bass distortion is like Brutal Truth’s.
  17. Running Out Of Skin
    by Pyrrhon
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    Crystal Mountain Crystal Mountain
    Being fond of Atheist, Demilich and Gorguts, I have found Pyrrhon to share some jazz-loving qualities with each of them. Yet there are significant differences, too. None of them are as deliberately random & cacophonous as Pyrrhon. This side of free-form jazz, I have not heard much else as close. The Death cover of Crystal Mountain is fantastic & worth the cost of the EP by itself. The sounds are nightmarish and hard to grasp because they are so randomly blended. The EP's 17' run time is perfect!
  18. Gardens of Grief
    by At The Gates
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    Souls of the Evil Departed Souls of the Evil Departed
    At The Gates’ melodies hide behind violent DM riffs wedged between the simpler, "black metal" trademark tremolo lead riffing. Rhythms break in a crossover, not in a suspension; & this transfers energetic tension between driving and self-destroying thematic forces. Layering melodies against one another through counterpoint techniques creates an internal harmonic texture that asserts the contrast necessary to give dimensionality and the space that gives the songs a meditative atmosphere. Smashing!
  19. A Chapter Of Accidents
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    Her Heart In Your Hands Her Heart In Your Hands
    This LP is anchored in lyrics, & each song is a short narrative relating an unfortunate & often miserably ironic incident. This bends the song structure to the story, consisting of an intro, a quandry, a reveal & a conclusion, & thus allows DI to adapt its grind riffs to a process of development. Often the main riff repeats with interruptions; some are offsets, counterpoints of the rhythms, but others are motifs which represent parts of the story. Heard it is like a sequence of thunderous riffs!
  20. Nadia
    by Cóndor
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    Nadia Nadia
    Purposeful, this LP’s metal consists primarily of low-to-mid-paced riffs from doom, DM, & BM. These are complemented by influences from prog-rock, in which tonal contrasts add nuance & a way of connecting parts within the album. Everything is structured with meticulous care, avoiding the wild-blend sensation that seems at best pretentious & at worst aimless. Guided by low-pitched vocals that provide a sturdy musical framework & continuity, Condor has produced metal that is very beautiful! Wow.
  21. Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost
    by Demoncy
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    Winter's Ancient Slumber Winter's Ancient Slumber
    Unlike their more detached later works, early Demoncy is melodic and beautiful without losing any of its sheer violence, resembling early Emperor in its balance of melodic beauty and ear-savaging primal chromatic rhythm riffs. This music removes the telephoto lens on the individual and views existence instead as a wide landscape not just of space but of time, in which the only forces that exist are primal emptiness and a struggle for significance in a process of destruction and creation.
  22. Tussen Hun En De Zon
    by Tarnkappe
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    To Wade In Blood To Wade In Blood
    A strong identity is manifest in Tarnkappe with its transitions within songs and from song to song, because the band boasts of the capability of presenting an enriched and eloquent performance under the semblance of one face. This is a continuation of the evolution of black metal that has come to us from Niden Div. 187 and Kvist. In bands such as Sammath, Kaeck and Tarnkappe it is the depths of the pummeling that represents the awe-inspiring & very harsh aspects of nature & man's place within it
  23. Unquestionable Presence
    by Atheist
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    Retribution (Pre-Production) Retribution (Pre-Production)
    When jazz broke with blues to allow free-form in the context of a harmonic solo, the seeds were sown for a fusion of jazz & classical theory in atonal jazz. This same theoretical movement influenced the chromatic melodies in Atheist. Atheist twist speedy DM riffs into a series of motifs which are expressed as a series of themes with an overall melody. The outcome of this new method was a wealth of notes & harmonies within which to play. Peace & anger & continuing to live! Favourite, sublime LP!
  24. U Transu Sa Nepoznatim Siluetama
    by Zloslut
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    Istinska Odanost Istinska Odanost
    Roughly, the Serbian title means 'In trance with unknown silhouettes'; & this hints at the spirit of this black metal LP. The lyrics deal with occultism, death, delusion of life & man. Reminiscent of much Finnish BM, Zloslut's LP is a type of negative affirmation or litotes in concept. On the surface the LP is against a certain shallow spirituality, yet by denying that stance, it affirms a rather nature-based dark 'light' spirituality which embodies the atmosphere of the songs. Depth of soul!
  25. Christbait
    by BLOOD
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    Be Doomed Be Doomed
    Here Blood turned toward their DM influences & made a LP with longer songs that aimed at a sonic hybrid interspersed with longer melodic riffs & a type of percussive budget riff which is found in their grindcore material: this mixed easily with their chortling bassy growls & powerful riffs bent out of two chords strung between stuttering rhythms of offtime rhythms beginning & ending on points of cadence. Creating a mood all its own, this superb LP doesn’t linger on a hook & drone rhythm balance.
  26. 1992-1994 Discography Digital download
    by Timeghoul
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    Boiling in the Hourglass Boiling in the Hourglass
    Longer silences & longer notes tend to wider variety in tonal forms. A wide range of expression is achieved through the types of arrangements & the changes in texture & rhythm, which are not merely random. Timeghoul is very clearly telling a story & each bit of music, each switch from blast beat to silence, from frenetic power-chord torrent to slow, single-note melody makes sense as a narrative. Timeghoul’s approach is not one of riff-salad, but rather more of a musical drama. A narrative jewel!
  27. World Downfall [Full Dynamic Range Edition]
    by Terrorizer
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    Fear of Napalm Fear of Napalm
    Expressing grindcore in a darkly nihilistic chromatic tone with unique riffs: from the one chord rhythm or open string interplay to the chromatic motion in tremelo rhythm at high speed. Yet these rhythms & tones stem from each song. Also, this creates a wave of motion, not unlike the insistent topics that adorn the tunes with harsh gut-puking or pure timbre-filled gut-shrieks. This LP's songwriting rewards a careful listener with riches in ever deepening layers. Zen-master grind! Killer LP.
  28. King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe "Sing More Songs Together..."
    by King Dude
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    Be Free Be Free
    Charred, noir-folk instrumentation, a haunting warble, & moody as if played in an old country church-hall or a derelict saloon. "Don't you dare take my hand if you want to be free," Wolfe & Cowgill sing, articulating the sentiment throughout the EP. With complementary vocals, the songs are cold, sad & fiercely-strummed much like on their first collaboration. On this EP we get a timeless meditation on the struggle between desire & emotional freedom, & on how to move forward with past regrets.
  29. The Nocturnal Silence
    by Necrophobic
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    Awakening... Awakening...
    Lead guitar on this LP achieves significance without excessive scale-spewing or other lamenesses of mediocre metal. Drumming is precise & coherent with the guitar, although its aims are clearly not to reinvent but to perform with enlightened function. The very competent bassist on this LP kneads his deviations from form well into the music to accentuate transitions.Harsh vocals howl chortling, throaty shrieks. The metal structure is clear in the shape of melodic patterns around harmonic cores.
  30. Litourgiya
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    Yekteniya 7 Yekteniya 7
    What makes this LP move with frightening intensity is the instrumentation. Dense, tremolo-picked guitar lines are used sparingly alongside doomy, low-register riffs that only add emphasis to the harsh, raspy nature created by the vocals. The drums cater to this, too. Effective use of the bass results in the slower sections never stagnating, while the blast beats are violent, intertwining with the raspy vocals to render a meditative yet terrifying atmosphere. More than just a chanting shtick!
  31. A Small Turn of Human Kindness
    by Harvey Milk
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    I Alone Got Up And Left I Alone Got Up And Left
    ASToHK is more like a symphony than a rock-blues album, each track segueing into the next with riffs moving from one track to another. The music rarely sustains a linear structure for longer than a couple of minutes. Although the drums shift restlessly through the gears, the pace never strays beyond varying degrees of “glacial”. HM share much in common ground with Leonard Cohen & Nick Cave; though ASToHK is resolutely melancholic, it is not hopeless. This has resulted in the strongest LP by HM!
  32. Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation
    by Vulvectomy
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    Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation
    Vulvectomy are filthy, trashy, & dumb. It is music for those who have fewer IQ pts than teeth. But I love the lack of pretension! The triplet patterns on this LP are chunky, precise & catchy; as well, when they start playing in 3/4 time signatures - the swinging groove is fantastic. The blast beats are played in triplet patterns or 3/4 over a 4/4 guitar track, & sound raunchy. In random syllable patterns, the frantic airy guttural vocals fit over the music, giving an added punch. O the backdoor!
  33. An Epiphany Of Hate
    by Master
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    It's Clearly Eden It's Clearly Eden
    Master have refined their work while managing not to lose control of the forms that initially motivated them. On “An Epiphany of Hate” they largely stick with tradition. Although Master has never written really long or complicated songs, the level of musicianship & organization on display here is an improvement from their early LPs. Also the production & mixing are higher quality; the songs here are built out of comparatively few riffs: grace in simplicity. A fine addition to their discography!
  34. Symphonies of Sickness [Full Dynamic Range Edition]
    by Carcass
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    Ruptured in Purulence Ruptured in Purulence
    Carcass's 1989 LP was a killer follow up to Reek of Putrefaction. This is the more metal of the two early Carcass works. Though built from barre chords and refragmented rock beats, this album guides our eyes through an underworld of horror, fragile life, violence, anti-ideological compassion, & delightfully incognito absurdist humour. A grind masterpiece which satirizes older melodic styles in barre chords with shuddering, long phrases. Varied tempos cleverly pace the songs against each other!
  35. Whore Splattered Walls
    by Intestinal Disgorge
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    The Hooker Butcher The Hooker Butcher
    What constitutes music & creativity? On this LP there are five or more layers of screaming, roaring, howling vocals which drown out the instrumentation. Vocals on this LP can be divided into two types: one consists of lyrics being growled in time with the songs, & a second type consisting of pitch-shifted "diarrhea" growls, blood-curdling bitch screams, effects-laden roars & chokes & gags. Combined, this second type is like a mass of people screaming themselves hoarse. Grinding audio violence!
  36. Joined in Darkness
    by DEMONCY
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    (Angel of Dark Shadows) Goddess of the Dark (Angel of Dark Shadows) Goddess of the Dark
    Demoncy created a LP evocative of sinister darkness. Racing tremolo is used as ambient, resonant sound. Without guitar solo wanking, the guitar work is extremely precise; it creates an atmosphere of the unpreventable. Known for their sparse arrangements and ominous atmospheric chord progressions that aim to wrap us in shadow & ash, Demoncy is in top form here. Harsh-whisper vocals carry these songs in rhythm & timbre behind a churning tempo of unobtrusive drums. Smashing & very clever BM!
  37. Effortless Regurgitation...The Torture Sessions
    by Regurgitate
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    Vaginal Obstriction Vaginal Obstriction
    A re-release of Regurgitate’s classic LP from 1994. If you love old Repulsion or old Napalm Death or old Carcass, try Regurgitate! This version features bonus demos & 7" releases. The vocals here are more natural sounding but still reverbed & pitch-shifted. The production gives the drum’s non-stop blasting a very snappy, sick sound. Bass guitar is ever present in the mix & ominous-sounding. The intro on the LP ( & cover art) are from the classic Italian splatter flick The Gates to Hell. Quality!
  38. Graveland - The Celtic Winter
    by Forever Plagued Records
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Intro Intro
    Battle metal! Menacing & distorted figures underlie these calmly beautiful riffs; despite the use of strumming as tremelo to sustain the flow, the notes chosen for each piece represent a Burzum-style sequence of themes which describe the poetic world & internal balance of every song. Graveland have resurrected from older structures & themes a complexity of simple & atonal compositions. From this they illumine a nihilistic kick directed at a future as obscure & as dark as this ominous music! War!
  39. Summoning the Past (Extended Version)
    by Beithíoch
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    Arm Na Déithe Arm Na Déithe
    Beithíoch means 'beastly' in Gaelic & this Irish BM is an instrumental & atmospheric beast with which to contend! Each song is heavily layered & rich with sorrowful guitars that are soaked in woe & despondency. Yet the scattered vocals pose something of an issue. Being sporadic & unexplored, the vocals never truly flourish; perhaps this aspect could be further developed in subsequent work! Yet Beithíoch’s darkened flurries of atmospheric violence grabbed my attention throughout this EP.
  40. Streetcleaner
    by Godflesh
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    Christbait Rising Christbait Rising
    By layering feedback & harmonics to deliver thunderous yet meditative music, Godflesh create industrial grindcore using rhythm machines while keeping a throaty organic voice of tone & timbre on guitar. This LP slowly builds a haunting, resonant mood across its songs. Astute listeners make a mental sketch as earlier songs are interpreted & the waves of emotion tied to the unfolding (ringing, echoing) layers of sound are grasped. With an unthwarted stare into man’s ill soul, this music is sublime!
  41. Tha-Norr - Wolfenzeitalter
    by Amor Fati Productions
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    Assault on aerie Assault on aerie
    Well-conceived melodies form the basis of the power to this work, held in place by deftly used & subtly constructed connective riffing; the guitar work bouncing a few power chords across the rhythm to carry continuity with cohesion. Self-minimizing melodies squirt from within these cyclic structures, giving rhythm in the looping. This LP is composed not in harmony but in tonal progression, which forms the basis for the varied harmonic relations. Excellent BM musicianship & inventive & spirited!
  42. Faustian Dawn
    by Demoncy
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    Whispers of Undesired Destinies Whispers of Undesired Destinies
    Unlike their more detached later works, early Demoncy is melodic and beautiful without losing any of its sheer violence, resembling early Emperor in its balance of melodic beauty and ear-savaging primal chromatic rhythm riffs. This music removes the telephoto lens on the individual and views existence instead as a wide landscape not just of space but of time, in which the only forces that exist are primal emptiness and a struggle for significance in a process of destruction and creation.
  43. The IVth Crusade [Full Dynamic Range Edition]
    by Bolt Thrower
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    The IVth Crusade The IVth Crusade
    Applying Iron Maiden-style melodic riffing to their grinding - notably in the melodic lead riffing fills that follow grinding rhythm riffs -- BT produce a sense of sliding out from under harsh, abrasive life. This work is diverse in its musical structures; yet the songs still retain their narrative & thematic intensity despite BT’s experimentation. This LP reveals not only the influence of the Swedish DM that formed DM's cutting edge, but also an effort to grow in style & substance. Smashing LP!
  44. Demoncy - Enthroned Is The Night
    by Forever Plagued Records
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Midnight Veil Midnight Veil
    Sublime LP with unearthly distortion, capturing oddball harmonics & powerful riffs: complex single string riffs mingle with the marching legions of power chords. Song structures project a duality in which most of what we hear is careful staging of verse & chorus, but as we listen through each song, the inter-spaced material is revealed as pivotal. Riffs flow together so that as only as each completes do we see its importance. Over this the vocals are like a high wind rushing from the cold night.
  45. Omens of Perdition
    by Condemner
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    Reverence Towards The Pernicious Tyrant Reverence Towards The Pernicious Tyrant
    The riffs in Omens of Perdition are essentially melodies with notes that constitute the bare-bone themes of the music, with nothing else but a unifying bass & a soft-punch, minimalist blast-beating of drums. Rather than complement each other, the instrumentation forms a total unity even with the drums. Songs alternate thematic riffs that run over mirroring, enhancing drums, with scant doomy statements covered by power chords. Fascinatingly simplistic beauty in the songwriting! Looking --> more!