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  1. Goths (Deluxe Version)
    by The Mountain Goats
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    Rain in Soho Rain in Soho
  2. Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost
    by Demoncy
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    Nighthood of the Moonlit Realm Nighthood of the Moonlit Realm
  3. Onward to Golgotha
    by Incantation
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    Unholy Massacre Unholy Massacre
    Likely the finest death metal LP I have heard yet, and I don't mean just by Incantation. The musical vision is clear and unified and very focussed. Though I have had this album for almost half of my life, it is one that has provoked me over the years & continues to do so even as my beard continues to grey. Greatness as this is for refined ears. This is music for we who love the ways of the warrior & the ways of nature in its destruction & creation. Long may this LP trample down death by death!
  4. Levitised Spirit
    by SEANCE
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    Haunted Haunted
    Gruff expletives of vocalization guide each piece with a barfing cadence in the song verses, which disintegrates into howling sounds as the chorus or transition spurs a frenzied tempo. A deliberately precise but basic instrumentation and ease of juggling with song structure suggests a subtle yet smashing musiciality behind this band. What keeps this EP in mind is the transcendental concepts handled and its tendency to move one’s consciousness into the dark world of its imagination.
  5. Human Waste
    by Suffocation
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    Jesus Wept Jesus Wept
    Oh baby, this is my favourite death metal EP! Finally decided to buy this initial release from Suffocation. This is a killer NY style death metal release. Human Waste is profoundly insightful and innovative. Shuddering waves of power chords and arpeggios build multiple structures from the thoughtful & simple nihilistic, chromatic riffs. The living pulse of this EP infuses all of the music with a breathing relevance that few can deny. A glorious, hearty, savage-throat-filled, 'Arrrrrggghhhh!!!'
  6. On Avery Island
    by Neutral Milk Hotel
    Often & unfairly On Avery Island is overlooked. Crashing from the speakers with fuzzed out guitars, horns & earnest yet dream-like vocals, the ‘Song Against Sex’ starts the sonic dreamscape. Managing the balancing act of both sounding lo-fi & intimate & yet dynamic, the psychedelic sounds function well. A strength of this LP is the pacing & variety of the tracks. Slower tracks, like the quiet & yearning ‘Babies for Pree’ are broken up by louder, fuller tracks like ‘Naomi’: the LP always engages!
  7. O Agios Pethane
    by BLOOD
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    Spasmo paralytic dreams Spasmo paralytic dreams
    Turgid churning darkness, very bass intense & capturing rough edges of power chords in a distant tone. Riffs appear early before the melody shows its darkness & dissonant ambiguity. As individual instruments, the voices are single & repetitive, yet reflect obscurity & chaos. Song structures develop to allow intrusive chaos to create momentum by the underlying violent conflicts that bond the simple aspects of this music together. Thrash & BM are the core of this hybrid. Apex of grindcore; O yes!
  8. Altars of Madness (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Morbid Angel
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Immortal Rites Immortal Rites
    A vast masterpiece! The guitar work is exceptional; the leads are blistering, technical, and tastefully managed to avoid solo-wankery; the riffs have definite shades of classical influence. The compositions are complex and simple in all the right places; complexity in the lyrics hides under metered verse. Drumming is exceptional; & the vocals have an oddly caressing quality. MA’s ability to put several rhythms into any part of a riff created songs of boundless potential, aggression and energy.
  9. Sangreal
    by Cóndor
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    Sangreal Sangreal
    On this third LP, a pure, focussed and mature voice of Condor comes into view, reducing previous experiments to words and terms that are now handled with daring eloquence, giving rise to a composition of truly symphonic dimensions and details. The song ‘Sangreal’ now attains its rightful place at the pinnacle of Condor’s songwriting. Condor compose carefully and thoughtfully; though their last tunes on this LP beguile a bit, yet they are not without nuisanced treasures for discerning ears.
  10. Nespithe
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    The Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh (bonus) The Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh (bonus)
    Demilich merge rich tonal space in abstract harmonies with DM, layering these ideas into songs where complexity forms but does not illustrate an overall theme. Most of the LP runs through wild cyclical riffs into a maze of tones that reassemble in one’s mind; there are brutal parts: blasting & rhythmic intensity guided by the unreal vocal fry register croaking. Active inventive riffs dance around tonal centres; each song deconstructs gradually in a twisted way, revealing its new motif! Smashing!
  11. Eon of Cycling Death
    by KEVER
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Eon of Cycling Death Eon of Cycling Death
    Eon of Cycling Death wears its DM influences in Suffocation & Morbid Angel on its sleeve, but this is no mere surface imitation. Instead, Kever forges on with a kind of fantasy DM; percussive riffs give way to an ensemble of DM styles united by rhythm which convincingly outlines the ideas of each song, giving the compositions depth. On top of it, the abrupt & croaking vocals give new life to a very familiar technique with its guttural but carefully sculpted sonic enunciation. Very solid EP!