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Thomas Krauser

  1. Nuremberg, Germany
  2. Electronic
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  1. White Lights
    by T.O.Y.
    Fly away! Fly away!
  2. Been Too Long EP
    by Electro Spectre
    The Secret Path The Secret Path
    Awesome and intelligent sound - Electro Spectre at their best. I love their sounds and lyrics. A must-have for everyone that loves electro- and synthpop. Looking forward to the new album
  3. Nikto
    by Nikto
    In Progress In Progress
    It is outstanding! Dark and beautiful
    You deserve to be known all over the world. very, very cool
  4. Die With You
    by Trevor Something
    Suicide Suicide
    Another amazing tune by a perfect musician. can't wait for the album. 5 stars
    What happened to Trevor? The whole album sounds like Joy Division meets Mr Kitty and both perform with Trevor? A very, very dark and aggressive album - totally unusual. I like
  5. Distorted Reality EP
    by Trevor Something
    Wake Up Wake Up
  6. In The Dark Morning
    by Tearful Moon
    Lust Spell Lust Spell
    This is awesome. Music in the line of November Növelet and Tanz ohne Musik but still unique on its own! Excellent work! Going back to the times of Fad Gadget and the likes
  7. 'swedish electro vol 4 / the unsigned'
    by swedish electro scene
    Black Roses Black Roses
  8. Endless Summer
    by The Midnight
    Memories Memories
    Awesome! I'm absolutely in love with this "endless summer". sounds that bring back my teens time where the gremlins and the goonies were everything. amazing. keep up the work! "The Midnight" pushed Trevor Something from the the throne of synthwave and pop! 5 stars
  9. MusicKist
    by Kist
    Release Me Now Release Me Now
  10. Soulless Computer Boy and The Eternal Render
    by Trevor Something
    The Real You The Real You
    Honestly, I do miss more lyrics. The all time classic Synthetic Love LP couldn't be topped. "SCBaTER" is ok but more like a soundtrack. I miss the summer vibes. But maybe it's just me... 3 out of 5 stars.
  11. -+ [EP]
    by Mr.Kitty
    Hurt Hurt
    Absolutely amazing! Back to the good old times of Mr.Kitty. 5 stars
  12. Montage Scene
    by Teeel
    Viking's Breath Viking's Breath
  13. D E Δ T H
    by Mr.Kitty
    Inhale, Exhale Inhale, Exhale
    by Mr.Kitty
    44 Days 44 Days
  15. The Stars Shine For You
    by Andrew Franey
    Ephemera Ephemera
    This i s a hymn to all you snythpop lovers. Perfect for relaxing or driving on the motorway or just bringing back the good old times. It's hard to find a favorite track because all of them are perfectly written. If you know the movie "drive", then you can imagine how well Andrew Franey's music fits into the synthpop genre. Some of the songs remind me a bit of the Pet Shop Boys but still every track is unique. Hopefully there's more to come. Definitely worth supporting the artist!!! 5 stars
  16. Death Dream
    by Trevor Something
    The Touch of Your Skin The Touch of Your Skin
    Simply superb! A piece of art that has to be consumed on a day in autumn. Brilliant stuff - but I would have loved more lyrics. Brain Waves is so cool, why no lyrics?? anyway, definitely more sophisticated and darker than the previous releases. Let's hope that this dream continues...
  17. Darken Lights
    by Carved Souls
    Beneath (Feat. Patrice of Regenerator) Beneath (Feat. Patrice of Regenerator)
    Superb development! I love the darker side. You deserve more support! great sounds.
  18. Breaking Out (E.P.)
    by Enter And Fall
    The things you never did The things you never did
    Great sounds! I love the philosophy behind it. unfortunately, the truth is there for everyone. who dares wins is the motto. great work and lots of success.
  19. Individual EP
    by Ultranoire
    Leaving Sensoria Leaving Sensoria
    I like the faster songs more than the slow piano stuff like "the mountain inside"
  20. Synthetic Love LP
    by Trevor Something
    Something About You Something About You
    Amazing stuff that takes me back to my early 20ies. Best sound for unlimited speeding on a German motorway at night!
  21. Lost Memories EP
    by Trevor Something
    Stranger Stranger
    Lyrics are amazing and so f..king true.
  22. Monochrome EP
    Desperation Desperation
    The sound is perfect. reminds me of a time when Depeche Mode were creative . Sounds great!
  23. Floods
    by ÆON RINGS
    Pale Blue Pale Blue