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  1. Bones
    by Kno
    The Skull The Skull
  2. L'Homme Alité
    by Lucio Bukowski & Oster Lapwass
    Synesthète Synesthète
  3. L'art raffiné de l'ecchymose
    by Lucio Bukowski & Nestor Kéa
    Satori Satori
    Première musique du disque qui commence sur "Dogs" des Pink Floyd, le reste de l'album est génialement déprimant, les références sont géniales ! Les paroles sont recherché et j'adore vos voix !
  4. Psychotropic
    by Los Tones
    Psychotropic Psychotropic
  5. Alice by the Moon
    by The Checks
    Get off the stage man Get off the stage man
    The Checks have a special sound, a mix between something grungy and something sharp. And that's make Awesome Song !
  6. Will The Guns Come Out
    by Hanni El Khatib
    You Rascal You You Rascal You
    So loud, so grunge, so cool !
  7. Moonlight
    by Hanni El Khatib
    Melt Me Melt Me
    That's Rock'n'roll ! With a lot of distortion and noise !
  8. Bad Bad Dog!
    by Bo-Dogs
    Love On A Higher Ground Love On A Higher Ground
    A big jump back in time, with a garage band who play loud !
  9. Deadly Summer Sway
    by The Checks
    Jet Plane Jet Plane
    In fact there is 3 tracks that I really love in this album, "Dogs of Perfection", "Ready to Die" and "Jet Plane". I love the sound of the checks, the clear voice and clear guitare ! It's unique !
  10. Crab In Honey
    by Fever The Ghost
    Calico Calico
  11. Dreamin'
    by Hockey Dad
    I Need A Woman I Need A Woman
  12. Boronia
    by Hockey Dad
    So Tired So Tired
  13. I Wanna Be A Girl
    by The Pinheads
    I Wanna Be A Girl I Wanna Be A Girl
    Punk rock as it should be !
  14. Fuck You Brain
    by Ginger Wildheart & Ryan Hamilton
    Fuck You Brain Fuck You Brain
  15. The Sizlacks Demos
    by The Sizlacks
    Demo 2 Demo 2
    It's like a modern Pink Floyd for me, with a smooth sound, and psychedelic melody !