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Thomas Gelfer

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  1. Etemen Ænka
    by DVNE
    Satuya Satuya
  2. Our Crumbling Psychic Infrastructure
    by Cryptic Ruse
  3. Hinterlands
    by Jakethehawk
    Uncanny Valley Uncanny Valley
  4. Antlers in Velvet
    by Leon III
    Fly Migrator Fly Migrator
  5. G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!
    by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    “GOVERNMENT CAME” (9980.0kHz 3617.1kHz 4521.0 kHz) / Cliffs Gaze / cliffs’ gaze at empty waters’ rise / ASHES TO SEA or NEARER TO THEE “GOVERNMENT CAME” (9980.0kHz 3617.1kHz 4521.0 kHz) / Cliffs Gaze / cliffs’ gaze at empty waters’ rise / ASHES TO SEA or NEARER TO THEE
  6. Collected Ambient Grooves 1993 - 2001
    by Osamu Sato
    Eastern Mind [Ambient Mix] Eastern Mind [Ambient Mix]
  7. Première Descente
    Blanchetta Cavayo Blanchetta Cavayo
    These cats really bring the heat on this killer jazz fusion album. Everyone really shines, the bass and drums flow from one awesome jam to the next and are so locked in its like they're reading each other's minds. The guitar and keys rip hard, one second they're shredding and the next it's jazzy and serene. The mix sounds great too! Awesome music like this needs our support! When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide yeah.
  8. Maximum Unicorn
    by Gruvis Malt
    Thomas Jackson Thomas Jackson
  9. Comma
    by Monobody
  10. Sound Ancestors
    by Madlib
    One For Quartabê / Right Now One For Quartabê / Right Now
  11. An Erstwisle Alphabestiary: Book One
    by Nick Prol & the Proletarians
    Emitones Emitones
    Mind and heart expanding avant-prog that's creatively off the charts but ultra catchy as well. The musicianship is excellent but never overshadows the joy it sounds like everyone had while creating this awesome album. Can't wait for Part 2!
  12. Bubble
    by Sevish
    Some Things Must Some Things Must
    by ILEVENS
  14. Polysomn
    by Kairon; IRSE!
    Hypnogram Hypnogram
  15. Infinity Stare
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
    Infinity Stare Infinity Stare
  16. Detach
    by Thrailkill
    Detach Detach
  17. Magick Brother & Mystic Sister
    by Magic Brother & Mystic Sister
    The First Light The First Light
  18. Still
    by Snooze
    What's the Secret Ingrediant of a Toilot? What's the Secret Ingrediant of a Toilot?
  19. Glowing Flying Object
    by Future Machines
    Glowing Flying Object Glowing Flying Object
  20. Prime
    by Arcing Wires
    Catacaustic Catacaustic