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  1. Home In Here (ALBUM)
    by Jenerator
    Home In Here Home In Here
    This is a phenomenally fun album!! Each song has it's own unique sound, but there is still a great sense of artist continuity from track to track. This is one of my first choices when I'm gathering with dear friends, because the music sets the mood for great times. Jen shares a lot of her life experiences with her lyrical storytelling, and has created some moving, grooving, music as well.❤️
  2. Dally Bon Idyll
    by Billy & Dolly
  3. In the Beginning
    by Billy & Dolly
  4. Here Comes The Monolith
    by The Monolith
  5. Meet You At The Monolith
    by The Monolith
  6. Five Suns
    by Billy & Dolly
    Archies Archies
    This is a phenomenal album which encompasses real emotion,meaningful words,heavenly vocal harmonies, superior musicianship and is absolutely harmonically brilliant as well!! Truly inspiring on many levels, but most of all reminiscent of those classic bands and harmonies that I grew up with! Thank you Billy and Dolly!!❤️