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Thomas B. Martin

  1. Montreal, Québec
  2. Punk
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    by Kamaal Williams
  2. s/t
    by True Head
  3. Safe as Milk Replica
    by Al Lover
  4. Cave Ritual
    by Al Lover
  5. Satanic Tambourines
    by Al Lover
  6. Sacred Drugs
    by Al Lover
    by Josiah Steinbrick
    Banana B Banana B
    Banana B, 3:40, when the clarinet comes in.
  8. Ozean
    by Ozean
  9. All Of Them Naturals
    by Uranium Club
  10. Black Domino Box EP
    by H. Hawkline
  11. La réalité nous suffit
    by Ponctuation
  12. Too Many Words
    by Big Knife Little Knife
  13. S/T EP (2011)
  14. Le Duc
  15. "Le grain d'or"
    by Jesuslesfilles
  16. Half Asleep
    by Animal Faces
  17. Bon Voyage
    by SPORT
  18. Tape
    by Okara
  19. Transcendals
    by Gulfer
  20. Mixtape 001
    by Stack Your Roster
  21. American Football (EP)
    by American Football
  22. History Missed
    by The MOTES
    by Gretchen
  24. 27 Club
    by Ponctuation
    Marie-Anne sur St-Roch Marie-Anne sur St-Roch
    Parce que toute.
  25. Analytical Dreaming
    by Animal Faces
  26. Anomie
    by Animal Faces
  27. Heavily Spaced
    by Each Other
    Ash Mound Ash Mound
  28. Brothers, Sisters
    Oh My God, Oh My God, Everybody, Oh My God Oh My God, Oh My God, Everybody, Oh My God
    Crazy classics from Nova Scotia
  29. Distorted Reverberations (of Reverberating Distortion)
    by Al Lover
    Ty Segall - Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart Ty Segall - Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart
    Beatmaking with garage rock, how cool is that!?
  30. Generic Dogs EP
    by Solids
    Fire Works ( Just fine ) Fire Works ( Just fine )
    Solids shines high and bright live and this is the only way to wait until the next time.
    Solids brille haut et fort en concert et ceci est la seule façon de patienter jusqu'à la prochaine fois.
  31. Distal
    by Crash Of Rhinos
    Big Sea Big Sea
    Because I keep coming back to this record over and over again
  32. Can You Feel My Heart Beating?
    by Radiator Hospital
    ...You Call That A Kiss?! ...You Call That A Kiss?!
    wonderful lo-fi powerpop, and that voice!
  33. Some Distant Moon
    by Radiator Hospital
    Dead As Dreams Dead As Dreams
    Slightly less lo-fi, but still wonderful
  34. Kids Don't Follow
    by Poledo
    Luara Palmer Luara Palmer
    by La Nature
    Azur Azur
    La Nature expands his sonic repertoire with this concept album about colors.
    La Nature agrandis son répertoire sonore sur cet album conceptualisé autour des couleurs.
  36. Roberta Bondar EP
    by BONDAR
  37. GUTS
    by Gum / Tyrannosaurus Dead / The Hundredth Anniversary
  38. Cream Soda Grrrl
    by Joanna Gruesome / Playlounge
  39. Family Portrait
    by Gum / Playlounge / Joanna Gruesome / Keel Her
    Conor, Oh Burst? Conor, Oh Burst?
    Young, Wild new sounds!
  40. Tommy/Shame split 7"
    by New Years Evil / The Black Tambourines
    Shame Shame
    My first Art is Hard release

    Fuzz fuzz fun!
  41. Sun Stains
    by Sun Stains
  42. Weed Seizure LP
    by The Hussy