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This Mortal Sun

  1. Hamburg, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. left fallow
    by rýr
  2. Now And Forever
  3. Aorte - Ritual
    by AMENRA
  4. Mænad
    by E-L-R
    Glancing Limbs Glancing Limbs
  5. Terminal
    by Bongripper
  6. Miserable
    by Bongripper
    Descent Descent
  7. Hippie Killer
    by Bongripper
    Charlie, Burt Reynolds Has Got Shit On You Charlie, Burt Reynolds Has Got Shit On You
  8. Satan Worshipping Doom
    by Bongripper
    Satan Satan
  9. Snailking
    God God
  10. We Won't Make It Home
    by HEGY
    Nefarious Nefarious
  11. Sines
    by Jakob
    Blind Them With Science Blind Them With Science
  12. Remanufactured Realm of Ancient Annihilation
    by KYOTY
    07 07
  13. Glacial
    by Judd Madden
    Mountain Slayer Mountain Slayer
  14. The Burning Sea
    by The Burning Sea
    Decameron Decameron
  15. Solstice
    by Astralia
    Exhale Exhale
  16. Yes Maybe No
    by Laura
    Bobik is in Amerika Bobik is in Amerika
  17. The Last Projectionist
    She's a Sleeper She's a Sleeper
  18. Les Limbes
    by Les Limbes
    Hypersonic Hypersonic
  19. left fallow
    by rýr
    vanished vanished
    What a brutal masterpiece this is. Ranging from beautiful, clean guitars and floating vibes to heavy walls of crushing riffs. This kind of spot on Post-Metal is hard to find.
    by THE SKY IS
    Depths Depths
    This album just keeps on giving. It's an exciting journey from start to finish. Great musicianship, powerful dynamics and mesmerizing interactions of guitars & bass.