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  1. Switched On: A Link to the Past (Extended Edition)
    by Switched On
  2. Volume IV
    by Dj CUTMAN
  3. Volume III
    by Dj CUTMAN
  4. Volume II
    by Dj CUTMAN
  5. Volume I
    by Dj CUTMAN
  6. Mii Tomo Grooves
    by Dj CUTMAN
  7. Poké & Chill
    by Mikel
  8. EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX
    by Materia Collective
  9. Where No One Has Gone Before- Star Trek
    by Sam Dillard
  10. Between Earth and Sky (Music from "Chrono Trigger")
    by Julia Henderson
  11. Zelda Cinematica: A Symphonic Tribute
    by Sam Dillard
  12. Chamber Works: NieR Automata
    by Sean Schafianski
  13. Children of Termina
    by Rozen
  14. Zelda & Chill
    by Mikel & GameChops
  15. Prescription for Sleep: Undertale
  16. Prescription for Sleep: Celeste
    by GENTLE LOVE, maiko
  17. Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams
  18. Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies, Vol. II
  19. Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies, Vol. I (Remastered Version)
  20. Prescription for Sleep: Lullabies of Mana
  21. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime OST
    by Ryan Henwood
  22. Matilda Effect
    by The Corner Laughers
  23. Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball: The Soundtrack
    by 82apps
  24. Super Panda Adventures
    by James Dean
  25. Nature Tapes EP
    by Lemon Demon
  26. Generation
    by De Lux
  27. Voyage
    by De Lux
  28. Double Dragon Neon
    by Jake Kaufman
  29. Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged
    by Jake Kaufman
  30. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse OST
    by Jake Kaufman
  31. Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman
  32. Feeding the lions EP
    by ProleteR
  33. Transistor: Original Soundtrack
    by Darren Korb
  34. Frog Fractions
    by Twinbeard
  35. The Banner Saga
    by Austin Wintory
    by Jukio Kallio
  37. BIT.TRIP RUNNER Original Soundtrack
    by Choice Provisions
  38. Skulls of the Shogun Soundtrack
    by Makyo / Sam Bird
  39. Awesomenauts
    by SonicPicnic
  40. Super Hexagon EP
    by Chipzel
  41. Machinarium Soundtrack
    by Tomáš Dvořák
  42. Dungeons of Dredmor Soundtrack
    by Matthew Steele
  43. Bastion: Original Soundtrack
    by Darren Korb
  44. Super Meat Boy! Soundtrack
    by Danny Baranowsky

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  1. Where No One Has Gone Before- Star Trek
    by Sam Dillard