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  1. GPH20
    by Mike Parker
  2. Pt. III: Get In... (Enter the Cabinet)
    by CABINET
  3. The Serpent’s Lair
    by Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf
    Egg Chamber Dreaming Egg Chamber Dreaming
    I stole this album off some music download Blogspot page 15 years ago for the title alone - it immediately blew my mind! Might be THE album which made me understand how beautiful ambient music truly can be; extremely important. Ironically paying for it now that it's free gives me a weird sense of balance, and an opportunity to implore you to listen to this masterpiece if you haven't already!!
  4. Hemlock
    by The Impossible Shapes
  5. On Patrol
    by SUN ARAW
    Deep Cover Deep Cover
  6. Zealot postcard
    by Muslimgauze
  7. Claustrophobic Dysentery
    by CABINET
  8. CRAPPY HARDCORE - random unreleased sketches n shit 2001-2003
  9. Bedouin In Mercedes
    by Muslimgauze
  10. Flying Above Ancient Ruins
    by KROLOK
  11. The Longing - Soundtrack
    by Lord Redstone, Erdstall, Spectral Kingdom, Vindkaldr, dungeontroll, Erang
    Underground Palace Underground Palace
  12. Kaliskinazure tape 5
    by Muslimgauze
  13. Live From Toad Hall
    by Horror In Clay
    Last Of The Summer Whining Last Of The Summer Whining
  14. Farouk Enjineer [VOX 66 LP/CD/MC]
    by Muslimgauze
  15. The Great Immurement [VOX 65 CD]
    by Vukovar
  16. etazhi (2018)
    by Molchat Doma
    sudno (Boris Ryzhy) sudno (Boris Ryzhy)
  17. live
    by Muslimgauze
  18. Narcotic LP
    by Muslimgauze
    Believers Of The Blind Sheikh Believers Of The Blind Sheikh
  19. Fogesque
    by FOG
    Acid Dream Acid Dream
  20. Shinshoo
    by Mono No Aware