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  2. Metal
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  1. III
    by Fief
  2. V
    by Fief
  3. I
    by Fief
  4. Shiki
    by Sigh
  5. Black Fellflower Stream
    by Sunrise Patriot Motion
  6. Psychagogue
    by Krallice
  7. Metempiric
    by Knoll
  8. Eternity Maze
    by Collapsed Skull
  9. Darkness of God
  10. Reverence of the Gods
    by Daedric Chamber
  11. Gathering Sorcery to the Eternal Portals of the Past PT III
    by Μνήμα
  12. Via Dolorosa
    by Gravenchalice
  13. Schisms
    by Thrall
  14. Of Time And Autumn Leaves
    by Indren
  15. Colours of Faith (Dissonant Black Metal)
  16. God's Country
    by Chat Pile
  17. False Light
    by White Ward
  18. Corpos Transparentes
    by Bríi
  19. How To Deal With Life And Fail (Grindcore)
    by ERNIA
  20. EG2: Dowsing Voice
    by Emma Ruth Rundle