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Thøger Kari Jensen

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Alternative
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  1. Welcome to Poetry 201
    by The Nietzsche
    Kerouac Kerouac
    This is how you do tolerable cleans in your *core songs. So many *core bands could take cues from The Nietzsche on this, and on making better, more interesting music in general, really. Fantastic shit.
  2. Phantasmaboring
    by EXES
    Reptillian Reptillian
    Had almost tired completely with modern punk until these guys came along. Every single track is perfect.
  3. Glass Cathedrals
    by The Mire
    Penance Penance
  4. Yellow & Green
    by Baroness
    March to the Sea March to the Sea
  5. We Built a Fortress on Short Notice
    by self-evident
    Not Literally Not Literally
    One of my favorite albums, following the style Self-Evident established on Endings; mind bending rhythms and harmonics captured in relatively straight-forward and familiar song structures. The level of craftsmanship is so high that you don't even notice the craftsmanship. Nothing seems forced.
    I find Fortress slightly less groovy and heavy than Endings, but it has more memorable, intricate passages.
    Along with Endings this is quite possibly the best math-rock on the planet.