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  1. silhouette
    by blank tapes
    somar - My Window somar - My Window
    again super stoked with this project, so glad to be a part of this and hopefully many more to come :)

  2. MF007: Elements
    fade fade
    love this so so much, one of the first beat tapes i ever heard and one that has certainly stuck with me.

  3. alkaline
    by sun.set
    commodore commodore
    this is the best beat tape i have ever heard. hands down. i absolutely love every track on this album, the synths, the percussion, the mixing, all on point.

    thank you for making this <3
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  4. Without Condolence
    by Cowardice
    The Tearing Down The Tearing Down
    i usually hate heavy stuff / screamo, but the guitar riffs, drums, and intense vocalso on this project just fit together so fucking well. absolutely love it. excellent work dudes.
  5. paradise
    by bdrx
    ??? ???
    super eerie vibes throughout. absolutely stellar production all round.

    much love <3
  6. Origin
    by Vanilla
    Whispering Whispering
    love every track on this album.

    love this album.

    love vanilla.
  7. spectrum
    by various artists
    bdrx - wish it was raining bdrx - wish it was raining
    so fucking proud of us bois. can't believe this is actually released, i love every song on this on this project and i cant wait for the next one :)
  8. Moonlight
    by Vanilla
    Keep On Keep On
    Every track is brilliant, vanilla really is the (ice)cream of the crop when it comes to soundcloud producers.