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  1. Colossal Halo
    by ホテル shampoo
  2. Cyberpunk 2022: Alive
    by Fentanyl Embrace
  3. HPO Mix II: In An Ambient Mood
    by Hollow Point One
  4. 市 / 自然
    by 仮想現実での生活
  5. Lies in a miasmic wasteland
    by Mutilomaquia
  6. POSTMORTEM: How to Mitigate Risks and Make Enemies
    by SimCard StyleGAN
  7. principe
    by evryn
    understand who you really are and what you are made of understand who you really are and what you are made of
  8. A Mind Full of Lust
    by Afterdeath Television
  9. EVO
    by Dream Catalogue
    Nu Archangel Nu Archangel
    Probably my favorite release this year. So many amazing songs that it's hard to choose favorites. Feels like the mission statement for the new era of Dream Catalogue. Dream Catalogue is on a fucking winning streak and continue to cement themselves as one of my favorite labels.
  10. DREAM シーケンス
    by 探求: sleep&dream
  11. The Tomorrow You Want Today
    by Afterdeath Television
  12. Digital Romance
    by Afterdeath Television
    Disappointed Online Disappointed Online
  13. Sequence 777
    by HKE
    Id Merger Id Merger
  14. Body Dares
    by Halo Acid
    Pleasure Hotline Nineteen Pleasure Hotline Nineteen
    Easily one of the best techno albums of all time. Halo Acid cements himself as one of the GOAT musicians with this masterclass of an album. Feels like wondering around in a insomniac daze: tired beyond belief, but still pushing through the obstacle course of life.
  15. Amy Rose
    by Cacola
  16. Ruby Rose
    by Cacola
    Super Ultra Megaballad X Super Ultra Megaballad X
    Easily an AOTY contender. Cacola just pulls all the stops and makes an album that astonishes me with its amazing sample combinations and atmosphere. One of, if not, the best new artist I've discovered so far in 2022.
    by death's dynamic shroud.wmv
    NUWRLD Mixtape Club exclusive
  18. The Monarch
    by The Monarch
    Song 23 Song 23
    One of the best new dreampunk and techno albums this year. The beauty of The Monarch is its simplicity. It's nothing but good tunes back to back.
  19. The Angel, The Demon,
    by Cacola
  20. Indus 3 PL & T
    by SimCard StyleGAN
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