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  1. Noches de Terror
    by Saftey Trance
    Cuando Suena El Dembow Cuando Suena El Dembow
    a few solid cuts of dark, dancefloor-primed, abrasive-yet-heady reggaeton. some folks might come for the arca feature, but definitely give the whole thing a shot.
  2. TB Resuscitation (Album)
    Acperience_1 Acperience_1
    with the exception of the slightly corny penultimate track, an utterly essential listen front to back. a great reminder of how trance got its name and a worthy demonstration of why we're still not over the 303
  3. Erstwhile Rhythm / The Grind
    by Peverelist
    The Grind The Grind
    subdued, pensive, atmospheric. the first signs of dubstep's metamorphosis into something beyond.
  4. Alien Tongue / War Dub
    by Pinch
    Alien Tongue Alien Tongue
    tear the FUCK out
  5. Tectonic Plates 03
    by Loefah / Digital Mystikz
    Loefah - System Loefah - System
    another fine example of two of early dubstep's finest names (well, three if you want to be semantic) doing what they do best: making banger tunes
  6. Club Casualties
    by Club Casualties
    Dance Partner Dance Partner
    guys please put Reverse The Curse up on your bandcamp please I am begging you
  7. Siren Song / The Unseen [vinyl rip]
    by Fanu / FatGyver
    Siren Song [vinyl rip] Siren Song [vinyl rip]
    there's something in here for everyone, and i mean everyone - enough atmosphere for the vibe seekers, enough moody tension for the dark dnb folks to give it a pass on a good day, and, most importantly, some great fucking drum programming. don't sleep on the b-side, either.
  8. "Death Don't Always Taste Good" L.P
    by Ivy Lab
    Cake Cake
    the centerpiece of the future beats movement. plenty of high-tech, off-kilter tracks to get you through the working week, or the saturday night party if you've got a crowd cool enough to handle em.
  9. Kings Of The Rollers
    by Kings Of The Rollers
    Gringo (feat. Navigator) Gringo (feat. Navigator)
    drums are as crisp as a fresh picked apple, bass punches through the competition like a ferrari through a set of glass doors with half the cops in the city on hot pursuit.
  10. Sonhos & Pesadelos
    by DJ LYCOX
    Weekend Weekend
    whether pensive and melodic or dark and rhythmic, this record always has something fresh to bring to the table.
  11. HARD08
    by Main Phase
    Who That Who That
    the accolades are deserved - this is a seriously well-done slab of UKG
  12. Back By Popular Demand
    by PROUX
    Y.O.U. Y.O.U.
    a package of thick, heavy grooves and slick retro vibes done extremely well. i only wish the songs hung around longer!
  13. Rubicon (with Fred Falke)
    by Alan Braxe
    alan and fred kick up the tempo a bit on this one - the result is almost proto-synthwave, a bit less soulful than most of their stuff but a bit more rockin' as a result. pretty fun
  14. Palladium (with Fred Falke)
    by Alan Braxe
    Palladium (with Fred Falke) Palladium (with Fred Falke)
    both tracks come with an effortlessly laid-back groove. not too hardcore, not too sappy, not too mellow - right in the goldilocks zone
  15. In Love With You (original mix)
    by The Paradise
    tacks much harder toward the emotive side of french house - romantic and nostalgic but still with plenty of energy behind it.
  16. Love Lost (with Fred Falke)
    by Alan Braxe
    another classy groove from the dynamic duo. worth a spin or three
  17. Mercurial World
    by Magdalena Bay
  18. Femme Fatale EP
    by Sage de Lestrogén
    Femme Fatale Femme Fatale
    solid, incredibly well-put-together 2-step. it'd be good enough if it stopped there but between the estrogen vial on the cover art and the way the sampling reinforces the sensual atmosphere it ends up at the next level.
  19. Giles Corey
    by Giles Corey
  20. Testing The Waters EP
    by Emalkay
    i usually prefer my dubstep be more the deep, amelodic, halftime-pulsing stuff - but the oldschool-neurofunk style synths on the opener won me over here.