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  1. Alfredito Linares vol. 2: The Colombia Years
    by Rocafort Records
  2. Kallista Kult
    by Kallista Kult
  3. Carsick Cars
    by Carsick Cars
  4. The Loneliness of a Polar Expedition, Pt. 1
    by Staalklang
  5. The Loneliness of a Polar Expedition, pt 2 - The Great Mist
    by Staalklang
  6. Transient Seclusion
    by C. Lavender
  7. Every And All We Voyage On
    by R. Elizabeth
  8. Tempo
    by Dom La Nena
  9. Bunch of Flowers
    by Lavender Hex
  10. The Farthest Creole
    by Haku Sungho
  11. Rhapsodia / Battements solaires
    by Michèle Bokanowski
  12. Prove It (Single)
    by Divide and Dissolve
  13. Gas Lit
    by Divide and Dissolve
  14. 東方不敗
    by Tzusing
  15. Fuubutsushi (風物詩)
    by Jusell, Prymek, Sage, Shiroishi
  16. The Infamy of Pleasure Unto Death
    by Jaclyn Kendall
  17. A Year With No Celebration
    by Cinchel
  18. Half Heart: Songs From Twin Peaks
    by Daniel Knox
  19. cinchel - Arcane Object
    by Cinchel
  20. MaSKArades Vol. 16: Banjo-Skazooie
    by The Holophonics