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  1. Songs From Somewhere
    by Ceri Richards
  2. Asymetric
    by Jerome Froese
    Been on repeat here since purchasing.

    Close your eyes and it is like listening to Edgar's guitar tone.

    If this is a taster of what we can expect on a new JF album I for one am very much looking forward to it.

  3. Dream Mixes V - Ultimate Edition (Remastered 2020)
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
    DM V looks to be the final chapter in a highly enjoyable and successful series.
    The (4) bonus tracks on this '2020 Remaster' make it an absolute treat.
    I find it quite amazing how track (11) Wasteland Methods'(a reworking of parts of 'Mojave Plan)never made the original release.'
    This has to be one of the best tracks in the whole DM series.
    No doubting the major contribution that Jerome Froese made to Tangerine Dream throughout his tenure with the band.
    I continue to enjoy those contributions.
  4. Tournado (Tangerine Dream live in Europe 1997) - Edition J
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
    Flashflood (Live) - REMASTER 2020 Flashflood (Live) - REMASTER 2020
    Fond memories of the 1997 tour are resurrected with this excellent release.
    The modern set on this tour was a particular highlight for me.
    It was both energizing and vibrant with the additional percussion of the late Emil Hachfeld making it a real tour de force.
    A real shame that this line up was to be so short lived as IMO it held great promise.
    This new remastered release with added bonus tracks sounds fantastic and comes highly recommended.
  5. Turn Of The Tides / Tyranny Of Beauty - Edition J
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
    I can not help but think that the first (9) tracks here from the albums TOTT and TOB would have made a fine TD album of that period.
    These tracks gel so much better together rather than on seperate albums in 1994/95.
    I always found TOTT/TOB to sound disjointed with both EF and JF having individual compositions on both albums.
    This Edition J edition blends the JF compositions together perfectly and I am sure the EF compositions on both albums would have blended the same way on a seperate album.
  6. Goblins Club / Oasis / Mars Polaris - Edition J
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
    Loved Jerome's large contributions to all the 90s albums and his compositions on Goblins Club/Oasis and Mars Polaris are truly excellent. Flashflood and Waterborne are huge favourites and the live versions on the 97 tour were stellar. There is a lot to like on this release. Love it👌👏👏
  7. Rockoon - Edition J
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
  8. Dream Mixes IV - Ultimate Edition (Remastered 2020)
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream
  9. Final Movement
    by Jerome & Edgar Froese
  10. Holocaust 3000
    by Arcane
    Burners Burners
  11. A Tale of Unease
    by Arcane
  12. Quarantine
    by Arcane
  13. Gaijin
    by Arcane
  14. Portal
    by Max Van Richter
  15. Dream Mixes III - Ultimate Edition (Remastered 2019)
    by Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream