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  1. God's Country
    by Chat Pile
  2. Heavenly Guide
    by Luca T. Mai
    The Sound of his Horn The Sound of his Horn
  3. Heart Under
    by Just Mustard
    Still Still
  4. I Could Not Bring Myself To Sing
    by Night Mode
    Morphine Induction Morphine Induction
  5. Swungert
    by Colossal Squid
    Kick Punch Kick Punch
    by Author & Punisher
  7. Comfort (Remixed and Remastered)
    by Failure
    Macaque Macaque
  8. Shunners/Burrows
    by Coilguns
    Shunners Shunners
  9. False Calm
    by LUME
  10. Wrung Out
    by LUME
    Already Low Already Low
  11. In The Future Your Body Will Be the Furthest Thing from Your Mind
    by Failure
    Heavy and Blind Heavy and Blind
  12. Wild Type Droid
    by Failure
    Submarines Submarines
    by IDLES
    When the Lights Come On When the Lights Come On
  14. Piecework
    by Kowloon Walled City
    Lampblack Lampblack
  15. Ô
    by various artists
  16. Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Vol. 3 - Year of the Wooden Horse
    by Rabbit Rabbit (Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi)
    Morning Song Morning Song
  17. HEY WHAT
    by Low
    The Price You Pay (It Must Be Wearing Off) The Price You Pay (It Must Be Wearing Off)
  18. Hightower
    by Thou
  19. Undestroyed
    by Free Salamander Exhibit
    by The Armed