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Donald Squair

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  2. Metal
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  1. Pareidolia
    by Lock Howl
  2. Little Shiver (Full Album)
    by Hed Swim
  3. Inhale/Exhale Rehearsal #1 1997
    by The Rare Nasum
  4. This Must Mean Something Awful
    by Mt. Doubt
  5. 2015 - The Meads of Asphodel - Taste The Divine Wrath (EP)
    by The Meads of Asphodel
  6. Coagulating Darkness
    by Hellripper
  7. Moon Landings
    by Mt. Doubt
  8. Coagulating Darkness
    by Hellripper
  9. Watcher's Guard
    by Watcher's Guard
  10. The La La La Song
    by Calum Mackenzie Jones
  11. Tourists [Single]
    by Mt. Doubt
  12. Forceful Blasphemy
    by NNGNN
  13. Prophecies of Ruin (Split w/ Fetid Zombie)
    by Hellripper
  14. Some Blindness Used To Protect Me From This Truth
    by Death Watch
    The Terror The Terror
  15. Consumed To Death EP
    by DOOM
  16. Halfway to Hell
    by Raging Speedhorn
  17. The Bunty Man
    by Necrogrinder
  18. Concrete Burial
    by Diesel King
  19. Beholden To Nothing And No One
    by Sunwølf
  20. Aurora Majesty
    by DVNE
  21. The Mother and the neue Maschine
    by Blood of the Mother
  22. Zodiac
    by Today Is The Day
  23. 2012 EP
    by Haar
  24. Haar
    by Haar
  25. Progenitor
    by DVNE
  26. The Deficiencies of Man
    by The King Is Blind
  27. Toll of the Wound
    by Of Spire & Throne
  28. Death by the Venomhammer
    by NNGNN
  29. You Are In Error
    by centrilia
  30. The Echoes of Tales Once Told
    by Old Corpse Road
  31. The Witch of Wookey Hole
    by Old Corpse Road
  32. Hob Headless Rises
    by Old Corpse Road
  33. The Devil's Footprints
    by Old Corpse Road
  34. Cemetery Sickness
    by Desecration
  35. Decline and Fall EP
    by GURT
  37. Acatalepsy s/t ep
    by Acatalepsy
  38. Cemetery Sickness (Single - 7"picture disc w/ Basement Torture Killings SOLD OUT
    by Desecration
  39. Torment Of The Weak
    by Scordatura
  40. Beyond Good And Evil
    by Gloomy Sunday
  41. To go off and Things (Cardiacs Cover)
    by Napalm Death
  42. Darkness Died Today
    by Sigiriya
  43. Doomed Again
    by DOOM
  44. Nuclear Apocalypse
    by Fukpig
  45. This World Is Weakening
    by Fukpig