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The Sweetest Condition

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    by The Static Architect
  2. Chronicles Of The Wasteland / Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    by Le Matos
  3. Banshee
    by Lorelei Dreaming
    Echo Chamber Echo Chamber
    An impressive whirlwind of emotive vocals and dark electro dance tracks. Well done.
  4. Control (Extended Remix)
    by The Sweetest Condition
    We’re honored to be featured on this international collaboration of electronic artists. This track is a dreamy, darker version of one our most popular songs from our “Edge of the World” debut.
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  5. 1981
    by LAUVER
    Loving the dark + dreamy ‘80s electropop vibe on this album!
  6. 33° Alternate Realities
    by Unknown Land
    This is a beautiful collection of remixes for one of our favorite new bands! Much love to you all. We are a music family.
  7. Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 2
    by Electrozombies
    We're thrilled to be back on another compilation from Electrozombies. What a fantastic lineup of musicians! Thanks from the synthy side of Nashville!
  8. La Danse Macabre 2
    by At Sea Compilations
    We're honored to be a part of this international compilation!
  9. Blood Pack Vol. 4
    by Various Artists
    We’re honored to be on this compilation with so many talented artists in the dark music genres.
  10. UIR023:A Walk On The Darkside Vol.1 (compilation)
  11. Face The Beat: Session 4
    by Various Artists
  12. 33°
    by Unknown Land
    Pulse Pulse
    We were drawn into this amazing music the first time we heard “Pulse.” While the whole album is a genuine electro darkwave masterpiece, this track is especially magical. It evokes mystery, sensuality, and strength. This sound will certainly be your legacy. You have a natural passion and talent for songwriting. We are excited to follow you on your musical journey!
  13. Creep (Radiohead Cover)
    Hell yes! Great cover!
  14. Kodama
    by The Sweetest Condition
  15. Heal Me
    by The Sweetest Condition
  16. Love Hertz
    by E-Con Records
    This is a brilliant, sensual collaboration between artists of various music genres. We're honored to be a part of this album. Download. Listen. Give into pleasure. xoxo
  17. Cybernetic Ecosystems Part 3 Synthetic Organisms
    by Paracelsian Productions
    We're honored to be featured on this compilation with such amazing artists! "Kodama" is our first dark ambient song. Thanks for your support!
  18. Operator
    by BecomingTheDevourer
    After seeing Becoming the Devourer live several times, we had to pick up this album! Super talented band. Super nice musicians!
  19. Imagica
    by The Birthday Massacre
    We're so excited to finally hear this album! We're TBM fans for life. <3
  20. Edge of the World
    by The Sweetest Condition
  21. Knock Us Down
    by The Sweetest Condition
  22. Truth and Light
    by The Sweetest Condition
  23. Falls Beautiful
    by nTTx
    Fantastic songs; can't wait to hear more!
  24. Paper Dolls (Bonus Tracks Version)
    by AYRIA
    Underneath The Water Underneath The Water
    After hearing this album on all our favorite radio shows, we had to pick it up. Loving every minute of this album!
  25. The NATO Alphabet
    by Tiny Magnetic Pets
    A beautiful EP! It's always a pleasure to support great music.
  26. Singularities
    by Keith Richie
    A brilliant symphonic journey.
  27. Wildlife
    by Parralox
    Smart and catchy electronic pop music we love to dance to!
  28. Sound Of The Download - Empire State Human v Massive Ego
    by Empire State Human v Massive Ego
  29. Cult Of Fake
    by Angelspit
    Industrial dance music at its finest!
  30. Cyber Rendezvous
    by Nature of Wires
    Loving this album!
  31. Mine (single)
    by The Static Architect
    An amazing single foreshadowing the forthcoming industrial music revolution.
  32. WEATNU Records: Summer Compilation #1
    The #WEATNU movement is part of a worldwide community that will live on in the hearts of all indie musicians touched by Almark's generosity. This album showcases some of the best of the bands involved. We are honored to be a part of it.
  33. Rock Back for Ecuador
    by Rock Back for Ecuador
    Rock Back makes it possible for artists to use their music for a good cause. The songs on this album showcase a great diversity of musical genres. We are so excited to be featured on this project!
  34. Musik City
    by Tan
    Tan's "Musik City" is a hidden gem of synthpop dance songs—some of the best Nashville has to offer!
  35. Face The Beat: Session 3
    by Various Artists
  36. Detox Static EP
    by FRONT 242
  37. Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute
    by Jherek Bischoff and Amanda Palmer
    Blackstar (Featuring Anna Calvi) Blackstar (Featuring Anna Calvi)
    A truly touching tribute by some of my favorite artists collaborating to honor one of the all-time great music icons of our century—David Bowie.
  38. All The Way Down
    by Dead When I Found Her
    Expiring Time Expiring Time
    This album sinks into your skin and pulsates throughout your mind and body. Haunting, both lyrically and musically, this is easily one of the best albums of the year.