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  1. A Shade of Melancholy in the Shadow of Death
    by Erythrite Throne
  2. Inutile Sanguinare
    by Inutile Sanguinare
  3. Demonio Dungeon
    by Skeleton RPG
  4. Death In Black Winter
    by Maeglin
  5. Basking In The Moonfog
    by Üvegszakadás
  6. The Lost Tower
    by Ancient Iron
  7. Tabernacle
    by Hewer of Caves
  8. Crestfallen Knight
    by Crestfallen Knight
  9. Andzjel
    by Heiden
  10. Essence of the Moon's Vampyric Embrace
    by Erythrite Throne
  11. Where the Gods Whisper Your Name Amongst Themselves
    by Idylls of the Last King
  12. Flames of Witchcraft Under A Forlorn Moon
    by Erythrite Throne
  13. Peril on the Silver Path
    by Magic Mishap
  14. Arda's Herbarium: A Musical Guide to the Mystical Garden of Middle​​-​​Earth and Stranger Places - Vol. III
    by Ithildin
  15. The Sage Of Shadowdale
    by Elminster
  16. Somber Keep
    by Nightshade Forests
  17. Among Forgotten Chambers
    by Nightshade Forests
  18. a single branch - "a visit to the city"
    by KletTtermax
  19. Vermes/Medwegya
    by Medwegya
  20. Curse of the Lockmaster
    by Medwegya