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  1. Strasbourg, France
  2. Metal
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  1. Beyond There
    by Orbel
    The Coward The Coward
  2. Hegan
    by Orbel
    Oihu Oihu
  3. les Monts Suspendus
    by Palais d'Éole
  4. Peasant
    by Thou
  5. Heathen
    by Thou
  6. Algiers
    by Thou
  7. Summit
    by Thou
  8. The House Primordial
    by Thou
  9. Rendon
    by Thou
  10. Inconsolable
    by Thou
    The Hammer The Hammer
  11. Rhea Sylvia
    by Thou
  12. Saturn
    by Kythe
  13. Supernatural Kvlt Sounds, The Second Rite (CD)
    by Doomstress
  14. Gear Jammin...
    by McPherson Struts
  15. Wolf's Breath
    by Sugar Virus
  16. Life After Sundown (LP)
    by Ghoultown
  17. Back To Earth & On Through Portals (CD)
    by Disenchanter
  18. Endless Serpents (LP)
    by Hellhookah
  19. Zen Bastard
    by Earthling Society
  20. ZODIAK
    by Earthling Society
  21. My Space Odyssey
    by Dr Sludgelove